21st Century Cures Act Interoperability & Information Blocking Deadlines [Infographic]

The 21st Century Cures Act outlines interoperability and information blocking regulations that are poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry. 

The goal of 21st Century Cures is to create a more connected healthcare system, ultimately leading to better, more informed care. 

The legislation aims to do this by putting the patient front and center. Interoperability and information blocking regulations enable patient ownership of their own EHI (electronic health information) and easier data sharing across different health systems. 

But the transformation to a more connected healthcare industry won’t happen overnight. 

Lawmakers have taken that into account, outlining key milestones as part of the 21st Century Cures Act: Final Rule

In our most recent webinar, KMS Senior Vice President of Healthcare, Patrick Gardner dove into each milestone and requirements for payers, providers, and healthcare software vendors.

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21st Century Cures Act Interoperability & Information Blocking Timeline

We’ve also put together an infographic detailing the timeline and all known deadlines. 

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In timeline format, this infographic outlines 21st Century Cures Act Interoperability & Information Blocking Deadlines as well as key dates in creating the legislation. Jan 6, 2015 the Act is introduced to the House. December 2016, President Obama signed the Act into law. March 2019 the ONC issues proposed rule on interoperability. March 9, 2020 the Final Rule for interoperability, information blocking, and the ONC Health IT Certification Program is released. March 11, 2020 the WHO declares COVID-19 a pandemic. May 1, 2020 The ONC published the 21st Century Cures Act and the ONC Health IT Certification Program final rule for interoperability. The next section outlines Compliance Deadlines, color coded by information blocking and interoperability. October 2020 - Information blocking compliance dates are extended due to the pandemic. January 1, 2021, Specific Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are under discretionary enforcement. April 5, 2021, Compliance deadline for Information Blocking provisions limited to the EHI identified by the data elements represented in the USCDI. July 31, 2021, Interoperability Discretionary enforcement ends and full enforcement begins. December 15, 2021 information blocking Real world testing plans are due. January 1, 2022 The Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program sunsets. April 2022, Information Blocking: The first attestations to the Conditions of Certification are required. October 6, 2022 Information Blocking: Compliance with Exceptions Required and the full EHI Definition is in effect. December 31, 2022 The new HL7 "FHIR" API Capabilities and other cures update criteria must be rolled out. March 15, 2023 Information Blocking: Real-world testing results must be submitted. December 32, 2023 Interoperability: Full EHI Export Capability must be rolled out.

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