Ceterus Attains $300K+ in Cost-Savings with Mobile App Development Teams

Ceterus, a national accounting and intelligence technology company, empowers entrepreneurs to succeed by automating their bookkeeping. Through Edge, its proprietary, cloud-based technology, Ceterus delivers real-time financial reporting and peer benchmarks for all business performance metrics.

  • Growing competition in the marketplace
  • Operating within government regulations
  • Need for an optimized database to quickly generate accurate reports
  • Outdated consumer-facing applications
  • Lack of bandwidth to complete time-sensitive initiatives
  • Maintain established trust with CPA firms and bookkeepers
  • Complex, ever-growing amount of data
Success Stats
  • 100% test automation for website
  • 36% increased velocity for mobile team
  • $300K overall cost savings
  • 12% increased velocity for integration team
KMS Impact
  • Rolled out a new iOS application with a sleek, updated user interface which won New App of the Year in 2018.
  • Implemented an automated framework that increased go-to-market speed and decreased defect leakage.
  • Built an effective and efficient new data warehouse and established seamless 3rd party integrations to streamline overall business processes.
  • Instilled confidence in Ceterus’ code coverage, while also empowering teams to take a proactive approach to regular software support and maintenance.