Restaurant Management Platform Utilizes 10 KMS Scrum Teams to Scale Globally

HotSchedules is an online restaurant management platform that delivers scheduling, talent, and inventory management tools. The solution enables restaurant owners to recruit talent, develop and share training courses with staff, track business productivity, and manage day-to-day restaurant operations.

  • Outdated, unreliable platform that lacked scalability
  • Lack of competitive go-to-market speed in a highly booming industry
  • Collaboration and timezone gaps across five global offices
  • Complex business requirements across multiple work streams
  • Platform stability needed to meet high demand in peak seasons
Success Stats
  • 70+ KMS team members within 4 months
  • 60% of unit tests automated
  • 0 critical defects released
  • 2M+ users across 26 countries
KMS Impact
  • Implemented a CI/CD system which accelerated the software release cycle and simplified the production support process.
  • Improved go-to-market speed, collaboration across multiple teams, and productivity with new microservices architecture.
  • KMS served as an extension of the testing team, ensuring the highest quality of product was delivered to the market.
  • Built a scalable platform that supports production, cash, and inventory workflows. The application’s success lead to an acquisition by Marlin Equity Partners in July 2019.