Izenda Increases Product Release Speed by 2x with Platform Modernization

Izenda is an application-based intelligence provider that brings critical data insights to end-users across industries. Thanks to Izenda’s embedded BI solutions, businesses can natively integrate analytics into their applications while conserving development resources and reducing time to market.

  • High competition as a result of globalization
  • Increasing end-user demands and time-to-market pressures
  • Inefficient workflows that resulted in costly defect leakage
  • No internal bandwidth or resources to build an updated platform
  • Needed to securely handle data for 1M+ users
  • Required high-level expertise for technology stack considerations
Success Stats
  • 88% automation coverage
  • 100+ new customers on platform
  • 4 updated legacy technologies
  • 2x increase in release speed
KMS Impact
  • Platform modernization resulted in full range of BI functionality for more informed conclusions, data-driven decision-making, and more relevant experiences to users.
  • Identified security vulnerabilities and implemented security testing to prevent fraud and data breaches.
  • Streamlined Izenda’s operations to eliminate wait times, increase transparency of data management, and accelerate releases.
  • Provided expert insight on improving technical and process-driven decisions, leading to a seamless platform experience and increased value for Izenda’s customers.