How Kibo Reduced their Testing Cycle by 90% with an Automation Framework

Founded as MarketLive, Kibo is a leading provider of enterprise-class eCommerce platform that helps catalogers, retailers, direct marketers, and brand manufacturers sell goods and services online. They offer some of the most retail-targeted, customizable, cloud based solutions on the market.

  • Highly competitive industry
  • Increased demand on consumers to have more integration of new technologies
  • Low Net Promoter Score and low number of referrals
  • Needed technical expertise and updated tools to prevent bottlenecks during the integration process
  • Inefficient testing framework that stretched over 120+ days
  • Slow releases, defect leakage, and increasing tech debt
Success Stats
  • 12 days for testing cycle, reduced from 120+ days
  • 60% decrease in cost per ticket
  • 8x improved NPS score
  • 33% reduction in ticket resolution time
KMS Impact
  • Created a system for Kibo to track support operations, improve business efficiencies, and reduce ticketing backlog.
  • Developed an integration and assimilation strategy to achieve synergy between MarketLive and Kibo’s new and existing products.
  • Provided innovative solutions to prevent new problems, fill gaps in coverage, and implement a system to identify operational bottlenecks.
  • Implemented regression testing, quality assurance, and an automation framework to improve the software testing cycle.