Millions Generated in Bottom-Line Impact for Leading Risk Management Company

This multibillion dollar risk management company is a market leader in the industry. With advanced analytics, this company helps customers determine risk and enhance operational efficiency with a combination of public and industry-specific data.

  • The team serving the largest revenue-generating product in the parent company’s portfolio needed to adopt a fully agile development model to generate more products and revenue
  • Legacy systems needed to be moved to the cloud to deliver a better, more stable customer experience
  • The large size of the platform made it impossible to run regression testing against the entire platform, leading to defects costing $1.5-$3 million dollars each year
  • Internal employees on development teams were reporting low engagement, leading to high attrition
Success Stats
  • $3M saved due to test automation
  • 8-13% YoY growth attributed to KMS teams
  • $100M+ worth of software product revenue
  • defects by second year of engagement
  • 7.4x acceleration in delivery
  • 96,000+ tests automated from 8,200 tests
KMS Impact
  • Established testing automation framework and Java development team to significantly reduce outages and defects and improve the customer experience
  • Testing automation saved time and reduced tedious work for internal employees, leading to improved pipeline for additional automations, documentation, employee satisfaction, and retention
  • Increased agility and productivity led to more projects delivered at an accelerated pace, increasing the team’s revenue significantly
  • Cloud transformation has enhanced stability for customers and speed-to-market for new products, increasing trust in the company’s brand as a market leader and enabling cross-selling and upselling