LexisNexis Leverages Test Automation for 100% of Software Release Processes

LexisNexis Risk Solutions accelerates decision making and improves results across the entire policy lifecycle with fast, sophisticated data analytics and technology solutions. Their insurance services provide analytics, predictive insights, and fraud prevention for auto, commercial, home, and life insurance industries.

  • Increasing amount of data for risk assessments and quoting purposes needed more reliable security
  • Wanted more 3rd party integration capabilities
  • Limited internal experience with cloud migration
  • Architecture was not scalable and lacked ability to keep up with growing customer demands
  • Absence of test automation strategy led to slow delivery speed and defect leakage
  • Localization requirements created high level of customization for web and mobile applications
Success Stats
  • 70 team members ramped up
  • 80% test coverage of platform functionalities
  • 0 coding defects released
  • 100% automation of API testing
KMS Impact
  • Built out a full global core platform with key systems on AWS to collect and enrich business data.
  • Automated the entire build and deployment process, along with API testing; regular maintenance and support ensured the platform remained out of technical debt.
  • Developed microservices with raw trip data to create meaningful architecture that scales with the company’s growth.
  • Filled in knowledge gaps to help LexisNexis adopt the cloud, build a microservices architecture, and implement automation while better serving their customers.