KMS: Leading a Promising Vietnamese Outsourcing Company


With the New York Times writing an article about KMS, one of Vietnam’s most promising software outsourcing companies in Vietnam focused on doing projects for small and large technology businesses, I felt I had to go talk to Mr. Viet Hung, KMS’ managing director here in Ho Chi Minh City. He has intimate insight into KMS’s company culture and what has made it the success that it is today.

In a country where Outsourcing is the mainstay of most of the biggest technology companies in Vietnam – with thousands employed with rivals like FPT Online and TMA Solutions and KMS has developed a strong reputation with just over 300 employees. Hung has been with the company since its inception and started alongside Vu Lam. Keen to learn about KMS’ origin story, I quickly realized that the real story was in the mentality of the leaders that built up the solid company and their vision of their company’s impact on Vietnam.

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