Maximizing Technology Investments for Private Equity Firms

Whether you’re considering buying a company or preparing for an exit, PE, VC, and GE firms rely on KMS to support them in their technology investment decisions and to elevate portfolio company performance.

Why Private Equity Firms Partner with KMS

We develop, launch, and exit our own software companies – making us truly knowledgeable to what it takes for a successful exit. We build meaningful long-term relationships, empower impactful technology decisions, and ensure you have a strategic investment strategy in place.

Due Diligence        Methodology

With our carefully crafted due diligence process, we help uncover any risks and challenges within your unique technology investment plan. We’ll identify your best opportunities so you can make stronger purchasing decisions that increase your rate of return.

Quality-Driven Value Creation

We’re no strangers to building, operating, and even selling industry-leading software companies ourselves. Our specialized KMS approach to software development allows us to build powerful products that add value to your portfolio of companies.

Best-of-Breed     Applications

Our senior-level teams offer unmatched expertise in deploying top-tier software products with the right tools. Leveraging automation and emerging technologies like AI and cloud, we test earlier in the development cycle and accelerate delivery with confidence.

Proven Success in Company Exits

Supporting over $11B in successful company exits, we know how to maximize business value and reduce time-to-market speed. With strategic project execution and development, our KMS experts help pave the way for a transformative exit for your software companies.

The KMS Approach to the Due Diligence Process


We work with you to gain clarity on your needs, defining clear business outcomes to set up a successful engagement.


We determine the best solution for your needs and develop a plan of action, including design, staffing, and delivery approach.


Our skilled engineers efficiently execute the plan and validate the solution, providing iterative delivery and constant communication.


We implement and support the final product, delivering defined metrics, optimal results, and continuous improvement.

Strengthen Your Portfolio Technology Investments.

KMS works with you to optimize the value of your technology decisions.

A Glimpse of KMS in the Software Industry


driven in client acquisition value


of KMS clients have been acquired


software companies served & 50+ diligence projects


invested by PE firms in KMS clients


PE firm relationships

Services We Offer

Software Engineering

From new product development to ongoing software engineering to mobile solutions, we have the expertise to get started and ramp up development right away.

Technology Consulting

With over a decade of experience, our consultants help you make better business decisions and increase product value.

Maximize Your Exit Value with the Right Software Development Partner

Discover how business goals for software companies have evolved over the last few years and why the right development partner is a critical asset for private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

What Our Private Equity Partners are Saying

Experience Impactful Technology Opportunities with KMS.

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