Software Production Support & Application Maintenance Services

KMS provides production support during U.S. night hours, allowing you to offer round-the-clock coverage to your users.

Business Impact of Application Maintenance & Support

A comprehensive maintenance and support structure will help keep your customers happy and your developers focused on enhancements that generate revenue.

Transform Innovation

Focus on releasing new features instead of bug fixes and maintenance.

Deliver Quality Results

Establish a continuous software improvement mindset with automation.

Do More With Less

Add technical expertise to your multi-tier customer support team to resolve issues.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Increase customer satisfaction by quickly diagnosing and solving challenging problems.

The KMS Approach to Production Support


We determine and help prioritize the features, functionality, and timeline that our maintenance will support.


We design the technical architecture, application design, and team collaboration model.


We execute continuous development and testing as well as integration of applications, services, and data structures depending on your needs.


We deploy your product and support the customer-facing product functionality.

Give Your Customers Great Support, Even While You Sleep

With 11+ years of expertise, we know the value of learning your business and integrating with existing support structures.

Offload the more technical aspects of support
Align your business processes by optimizing outcome-based and comprehensive service level agreement (SLA) accountability.
Build automated solutions to reduce call center efforts, lower solution turnaround time, and increase customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Partnering with KMS

Ongoing application development with KMS is more than your typical maintenance and support solution.

Long-Term Solutions

Our engineers perform extensive root cause analysis to identify and implement long-term solutions, improving operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Full Lifecycle Application Management

By managing your ongoing product development and maintenance, we can recommend new features and solutions that improve user experience and reduce support tickets.

Guided By User Experience and Quality

We are experts in quality. Our hyper-focus on user experience ensures a minimized impact on your users when implementing bug fixes or platform maintenance.

Straight From Our Customers

Partner with KMS for Production Services.

As a flexible partner, KMS can help you with all of your production support and maintenance needs.

Go Beyond Application Support & Maintenance Services —

Do More with KMS

  • Software Development Services
    Software Development Services

    By using the same partner for initial and ongoing development, you can keep up with changes in the market, launch new features, and provide the best customer experience.

  • DevOps Services
    DevOps Services

    Integrate DevOps principles into your support structure. This will improve the productivity of your teams and lead to faster troubleshooting and improved service quality.

  • Software Testing Services
    Software Testing Services

    Great user experience starts with a high-quality product. Our QA engineers weave testing throughout the delivery cycle to ensure you deliver a great product to your customers.