Technology Due Diligence

We give investors an analytical understanding of their technology situation, ways to minimize engineering costs, and opportunities to make strategic decisions that improve their exit return.

The Technology Due Diligence Business Impact

Being aware of the risks and rewards associated with an acquisition allows companies to make the most informed decision regarding a potential acquisition or add-on, and to accurately determine the target’s full potential of an investment opportunity.

Know Opportunities to Maximize Value

Identify the potential of your investments before you buy them. We help you understand ways to build upon existing technology to increase value and compete more effectively.

Reduce Risks and Potential Liabilities

In the case of an add-on, we examine both existing and prospective technologies to offer you the full picture of incoming platforms, so you can prepare for potential risks in advance.

Improve Negotiation Position

With a comprehensive assessment of prospective platforms, you can make educated purchasing decisions and know if a product will add value to your portfolio or not.

Unlock The Necessary Resources

Understanding your next steps and knowing if you will be inheriting technical debt or outdated languages will allow you to prepare for resource allocation.

Make Better Technology Investment Decisions with KMS

Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach to every assessment, we tailor our assessments to your biggest areas of concern. Our goal is to ensure that you fully understand any potential risks, as well as where your technology investment dollars could be applied to the greatest effect.

Performance and scalability
Code quality review
Technical debt assessment
Integration strategy
Security strengths and vulnerabilities
Integrations and APIs
Architectural choices

Our Technology Due Diligence Approach


We help determine the type and scope of the assessment to meet your needs.


We request artifacts, schedule interviews with stakeholders, and collect data.


We conduct interviews, analyze your data and artifacts, and can perform a code scan.


We prepare and present our transparent findings and recommendations to improve the product.

Benefits of Partnering with KMS

We have extensive experience delivering enterprise-grade software that “pure tech diligence” companies cannot match. We are uniquely qualified to not only assess the R&D function of the business but also well-positioned to help address and resolve issues that are uncovered.

Operators and Investors

What makes our due diligence process different is that KMS has started, operated, and in some cases sold technology business ourselves. We are operators and investors. So we can combine the perspective of an investor and the technical expertise of a leading software development company.

Senior Level Expertise

The team creating our assessments includes our CTO and executive level consultants, not junior associates. You get the benefit of their years of expertise and consultative approach to due diligence.

Execute Findings

Between our other private equity services and software development teams, we can take our assessment findings and offer you an integration roadmap and the manpower needed to execute our suggestions.

Value We Bring to Investors


driven in client acquisition revenue


invested by PE firms in KMS clients


software clients


PE, VC and GE investors in 50 portfolio companies


of KMS clients have been acquired

Straight From Our Customers

Increase Your ROI with Technology Due Diligence.

See how KMS can help you build an effective due diligence strategy for better investment decisions.

Go Beyond Technology Due Diligence —

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