Cloud Consulting

Accelerate innovation in the cloud with a cloud strategy and managed services designed around performance, security, and agility.

Cloud Consulting Business Impact

Cloud-based platforms can seamlessly integrate with emerging technologies and are able to quickly scale to meet demand. These features unlock easier maintenance, better security, and improved customer experience.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive edge with the ability to continually deliver innovative new features and quickly respond to market demands.

Scalable Products

Leverage the elasticity of the cloud and take advantage of emerging cloud-technologies for a more scalable platform.

Increased Security

Protect your valuable customer data with cloud solutions that protect from data loss and have security woven into the infrastructure.

Stronger Value

Save on maintenance and hardware for your platform. Offer a better experience for your customers and scale your servers only when you need to.

The KMS Approach to Cloud Consulting

Industry-leading software companies leverage the cloud for ease of innovation, resilience, and security. But navigating the process of moving Enterprise-scale platforms or modernizing to migrate to the cloud can be time-consuming and delay your ROI. Our custom cloud strategies remove the guesswork and accelerate the benefits driven by cloud adoption.


We work with you to gain clarity on your cloud consulting needs, defining clear business outcomes to set up a successful engagement.


We determine the best solution for your cloud strategy and align our team to fill your skill and resource gaps.


Our team assesses and develops a plan and strategy to help you make the best choices concerning cloud.


We deliver and implement the proposed solution, executing the plan and providing support as needed.

Benefits of Partnering with KMS for Cloud Consulting Services

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to cloud consulting. Our experts pull from years of experience creating industry-leading cloud-enabled software products and managing modernization, migration, and cloud transformation projects.

Tailored Strategy

By starting with a detailed assessment, we make comprehensive recommendations for more effective teams, industry-specific compliance regulations, opportunities for innovation, and more.

All-in-One Approach

After your consulting project, you can take our roadmap and do the work yourself or leverage our cloud migration services to accelerate the delivery of your cloud solution.

Scalable Technology

Our cloud consulting services include how to prepare your teams to work in the cloud, giving you a more scalable platform powered by a more agile and efficient team.

Major Cloud Providers

We work with all three major cloud providers. This means you can trust that there is no hidden agenda and the recommended cloud platform is truly the best fit for your business.

Straight From Our Customers

Achieve a Seamless Cloud Journey.

Modernize and secure your product with our experienced consultants who can walk you through every step of the process.

Go Beyond Cloud Consulting —

Do More with KMS

  • Cloud Migration
    Cloud Migration

    We work with your team on the planning, execution, and delivery of your cloud solution. We take the consultant recommendations to start moving your platform to the cloud or build a new, cloud-enabled application.

  • Platform Modernization
    Platform Modernization

    Our consultants can help you determine the right strategy and cloud architecture design for your application transformation project and carefully manage the process to minimize impact to your end-user.

  • New Software Product Creation
    New Software Product Creation

    With a cloud-enabled platform, your application will more easily scale and our engineers can supplement your teams to ramp up the release of new features.

  • Ongoing Software Development
    Ongoing Software Development

    Add a new team or development capability almost immediately and accelerate delivery at any phase of the development process.