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We guarantee the highest engineering quality and transparent communication along your software development journey. KMS end-to-end services include:

A Global Reach with World-Class Delivery

KMS sits at the intersection of people, process, and technology to deliver premium business results. With industry-best attrition, we provide senior-level expertise across our onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations.

Software Developers

Data Engineers

Project Managers

QA Testers

Generative AI Experts

Business Analysts & Consultants


Years of Innovation


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Product Companies Launched


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Software Companies Served

Client Success Stories

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is an online restaurant management platform that delivers scheduling, talent, and inventory management tools. The solution enables restaurant owners to track business productivity and manage day-to-day restaurant operations.


HotSchedules experienced an outdated, unreliable platform that was lacking scalability. They needed to keep up with competiton as far as go-to-market speed and have platform stability that would meet high demand in peak seasons.


Our teams implemented a CI/CD system to accelerate software release cycles and created a new microservices architecture. KMS served as an extension of the testing team and the app's success lead to an acquisition in 2019.

Manual Testing Hours Saved/Week
Global Languages Supported
Payments Processed
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is an enterprise solution for email encryption, threat protection, and email archiving that serves 21,000+ customers, including leading hospitals and banks.


Zix was in need of additional resources without the exorbitant costs. They were experiencing a high volume of tickets among customers, and had limited timezone coverage across their support.


KMS' managed services helped Zix optimize internal processes and resources for migration work involving 100+ customers. The results included exceeding every SLA for ticket responses, increasing efficiencies and boosting customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings
Hours Overnight Coverage
Efficiency Increase for Customer Support
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is a national accounting and intelligence technology company, empowering customers to succeed by automating their bookkeeping and reporting.


Ceterus was in need of an enhanced and optimized database to quickly generate accurate reports. Due to a lack of internal bandwidth and resources, the company recognized its outdated consumer-facing websites and mobile applications were affecting the user experience.


KMS helped Ceterus roll out a new iOS application with an updated user interface, which was recognized as the New App of the Year in 2018. Also, by implementing an automated testing framework, Ceterus experienced $300k+ in overall cost savings, increased go-to-market speed, and decreased defect leakage.

Cost Savings
Won New App of the Year
Increased Velocity for Mobile Team
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is the leading vehicle valuation and information source. Trusted by both consumers and the automotive industry, KBB provides the most heavily-referenced values in the industry.


KBB was deploying twice a week, but needed to be able to deploy on-demand without extensive regression testing. Additionally, the company had committed to AWS and microservices architecture but needed help completing a seamless transition.


KBB is now 100% migrated to the cloud, has adopted a microservices architecture, implemented effective agile practices, and undergoes regular maintenance strategies that comply with the IT enterprise architecture. After working with KMS, KBB has increased product time-to-market and instilled business confidence with a low product team attrition rate.

Decrease in defect escape ratio in month 1
Of testing automated in first year
Deployments per month, increased from 12
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is a leading provider of an enterprise-class eCommerce platform that helps catalogers, retailers, direct marketers, and brand manufacturers sell goods and services online.


With eCommerce being a competitive industry, Kibo experienced increased demand to have more technology integrations. The teams were facing slow releases, inefficient testing frameworks, and increased technical debt.


KMS helped implement regression testing, QA and an automation framework to improve testing cycles. Our teams also developed a system for Kibo to track support operations to boost efficiency and reduce ticketing backlog.

Decrease in Cost/Ticket
Improved NPS Score
Reduction in Test Cycle
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Who We Serve

Technology-Focused Companies

KMS has over a decade working with both software companies and companies who leverage software solutions. We understand what it takes to develop high-quality, scalable software that serves as the foundation of your business. Our services for tech companies accelerate delivery, enhance quality, and provide innovative solutions for our clients.

Private Equity Community

As service providers, operators, and investors in software companies ourselves, we have a unique perspective around M&A and within the private equity community that can help drive more exit value. Our teams can support your PortCos or conduct due diligence & technology assessments to help maximize your investments.

Our Standards Are High. Yours Should Be Too.

Discover what sets KMS apart as your trusted go-to technology partner.

Reliable & Skilled Development Teams

Our commitment to success speaks for itself with low attrition rates (<13%) and highly stable teams dedicated to your technology success.

High-Quality Software That Scales

With a 5-year average client tenure, our customers trust us in building revenue-generating software that scales with their business.

It’s Not Just About the Code

We’re not just focused on coding; our teams are there from conception to market launch, focusing on achieving business results.

Quick & Agile Team Ramp-Up

With 1300+ KMSers globally, we can ramp up a team immediately, saving time and money from recruitment efforts and overhead costs.

Product Companies Launched

KMS has been in your shoes—we’re founders, operators, & investors, knowing what it takes to build successful product companies (we’ve launched 6!)

We Speak Your Programming Language

Inc 5000
VietNam IT Award
Certified ISO
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