Cloud Migration Consulting & Engineering Services

Whether you’re moving your existing application to the cloud or need to build a new cloud-native platform, our engineers and consultants are here to help.

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving an organization’s digital assets, such as data, applications, and IT resources, from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure. This involves transferring the organization’s IT resources to a cloud-based service provider, where they are hosted on virtual servers or storage devices accessible through the internet.

Business Impact of Cloud Migrations

Cloud adoption makes for easier maintenance, better security, and a more scalable platform. You can also integrate with new cloud-based technologies.

Minimized Costs

Save money and time on maintenance and hardware.


Scale services and teams to respond to market demands.

Improved Security

Advanced security is woven into the baseline infrastructure.

Platform Resilience

Protection from data loss and efficient data recovery.

Ensure a Seamless Cloud Journey

Based on your objectives, we’ll help you determine whether your application is better suited for a single or multi-cloud provider or to be cloud-agnostic. Then we can find which of the leading cloud providers is the best fit for your company:

Our Approach to Cloud Migration Consulting

Begin your cloud migration strategy with roadmaps and timelines designed for your business goals. For our cloud migration services, we work side-by-side with your team for the planning, execution, and delivery of your new cloud solution.


We work with you to gain clarity on your cloud migration needs, defining clear business outcomes to set up a successful engagement.


We determine the best solution for cloud migration and align our team to fill your skill and resource gaps.


Our team assesses and develops a plan and strategy to guide the migration process.


We migrate your product to the cloud, executing the plan and providing support as needed.

Benefits of Partnering with Cloud Migration Service Providers Like KMS

We help you assess reliability, security, ease of use, compliance opacity, and more to choose which platform makes the most sense for your business. We also build your application with integration opportunities in mind, so you can get the most from cloud-enabled technologies.

Leading Cloud-based Software

In addition to developing cloud-based software for our clients, we have built three industry-leading, cloud-enabled software companies.

Cloud Migration Support

Moving an existing platform to the cloud? We can manage data migration and shift your IT processes, with minimal impact on your end-user.

Flexible for Your Needs

We partner with all 3 major cloud providers, so there is no bias here— we take an objective view to determine what makes sense for your business.

Security Certifications

Data security is paramount for your cloud migration project. Our experience with confidential and regulated data gives us a security-first mindset that protects your business and customers.

Why Should Businesses Care About Cloud Migration Engineering Services?




Cloud-based infrastructure allows businesses to quickly and easily scale up or down their IT resources to meet changing business needs.


Cost savings

Cost savings

Cloud migration can significantly reduce an organization's IT costs by eliminating the need for expensive hardware and software upgrades and reducing maintenance and operational expenses.




Cloud-based infrastructure enables businesses to access their data and applications from anywhere, at any time, using any device with an internet connection.


Improved security

Improved security

Cloud providers typically offer robust security measures, including data encryption, firewall protection, and regular data backups, which can improve an organization's overall security posture.


Enhanced collaboration

Enhanced collaboration

Cloud-based infrastructure can enable more efficient collaboration among employees by allowing them to access shared files and applications from anywhere, at any time.

Cloud Migration Success Snapshots

Cloud Consulting for Real Estate SaaS Firm

The Project: KMS interviewed key team members and evaluated the tech stack, infrastructure, security protocols, and open source code base. Key deliverables included summary reports with recommendations and line by line open source code base analysis for use as seller side due diligence.

Leading Risk Management Company

The Project: With help from KMS, cloud transformation has enhanced stability for customers and speed-to-market for new products, increasing trust in the company’s brand as a market leader and enabling cross-selling and upselling.

  • 0 defects by second year of engagement
  • Increase in automated test coverage, to a total of 96,000+ tests
  • 8-13% YoY growth attributable to KMS teams

Straight From Our Customers

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Go Beyond Cloud Migration Solutions —

Do More with KMS

  • Cloud Consulting
    Cloud Consulting

    Our cloud consultants assess your platform and business goals to create a tailored migration strategy and cloud roadmap. Understand the best way for your company to leverage the cloud.

  • New Software Product Creation
    New Software Product Creation

    Move to the cloud for a product that is more scalable, and scale your teams with our software development services. Our developers will help you deploy and manage new cloud-enabled tools and services.

  • Software Testing Services
    Software Testing Services

    After working with KMS to migrate and secure your data in the cloud, our data scientists can help you leverage that data for valuable business insights. Whether you need data management and analytics or powerful new AI capabilities, our teams can help.

  • Application Transformation
    Application Transformation

    Modernizing a legacy application often involves migrating to the cloud. By working with KMS for application transformation, we can help you update your architecture, migrate data, and move to the cloud with a limited impact on your customers.