QA Consulting

Our QA consulting engineers take a deep dive into your QA processes, bringing the expertise needed for faster and more efficient testing automation with improved quality.

Business Impact of Quality Assurance Services

As investors and software development company operators ourselves, our unique viewpoint positions us to make QA process recommendations that maximize the value of your investments. We work with software product companies to accelerate the delivery of innovative technology solutions through a customer-centric approach.

Streamline Operations

Leverage automation consulting to understand what changes to tooling and operations will ensure applications are released more efficiently.

Increase Revenue

Faster delivery cycles and quality assurance means that your product is in market sooner, leading to higher revenue. Understand where to optimize automation and weave testing into the delivery pipeline to get to market faster while minimizing costs and increasing profit.

ROI on Test Automation

We ensure your team gets the most value possible through automation. Our consultants help you choose which tests will add value if automated and use open source tools when possible to reduce costs. This, coupled with increased delivery speeds makes for a great return on investment.

Optimize Innovation

We improve your software testing process so that you can focus on your business instead of technology problems. Our software QA Consulting team leverages automation so that your team can test better and faster, spending more time on innovation and staying ahead of the competition.

The KMS Approach to QA Consulting

Our software automation consulting services are led by executive-level consultants, not junior analysts. Backed by years of experience, our team takes a deep dive approach to evaluate your company’s platform and current quality practices, and we provide a transparent, innovative perspective on how to drive automation and QA optimization for your specific platform.


We work with you to gain clarity on your QA consulting needs, defining clear business outcomes to set up a successful engagement.


We determine the best solution for QA and align our team to fill your skill and resource gaps.


Our team assesses and develops a plan and strategy to help you implement an improved QA process.


We deliver and implement the proposed solution, executing the plan and providing support as needed.

Our Quality Assurance Deliverables

Suggestions and resources to resolve issues uncovered during the due diligence process and recommendations to minimize costs.

Detailed and prioritized roadmap for adopting short-term and long-term recommendations.

On-site review sessions to go over implementing the recommended process, test coverage, and delivery objective changes.

If needed, KMS can also provide the resources and tools to execute upon our recommendations.

Benefits of Partnering with KMS

KMS Technology goes beyond the typical assessments to make valuable recommendations of what initiatives your company should take and in what priority to improve the QA process.

Confidence in Platform Quality

Ensure better software quality by discovering what actions are needed to ensure maximum test coverage on your product.

Accelerated Releases

Identify ways that automation can help you release software at a faster pace and uncover how to enable your team to do more through automation.

Tailored Approach

Implement a QA Process solution that is custom-designed for your platform by our executive-level consultants, rather than a generalized, checkmark approach.

Straight From Our Customers

Accelerate Delivery with QA Consulting.

Achieve an ideal balance between testing strategy and test automation to efficiently deliver product releases.

Go Beyond QA Consulting —

Do More with KMS

  • Software Testing Services
    Software Testing Services

    Our software testing services combine test automation with the assurance of manual testing. By automating certain workflows, your testers can do more exploratory testing in production, making for a better quality product.

  • Test Automation Frameworks with Katalon
    Test Automation Frameworks with Katalon

    We’ve partnered with Katalon to offer solutions that accelerate your team’s adoption of Katalon and ramp-up test automation, leading to faster time-to-results. We offer training, integration, consulting, and premium support.

  • Mobile Testing with Kobiton
    Mobile Testing with Kobiton

    Easily test your App on real-devices in the Cloud with full support for gestures, orientation, and more. Test on the iOS and Android devices your customers use, all in a highly responsive environment.