Custom Mobile App
Development Services

As a leading mobile app development company, we have years of experience creating innovative, high-quality applications for our clients.

What Are Mobile Application Development Services?

Mobile app development services refer to the process of designing, developing, testing, and deploying mobile applications for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. These services help businesses to create custom mobile applications that can improve customer engagement, streamline operations, and enhance their brand.

The Business Impact of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services

The way users interact with technology is changing, as more and more people turn to mobile solutions first.

Deliver Something Different

Mobile is a great place for companies to leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. You can personalize the user interface and offer something different from your competitors.

Connect With Users

Companies that want to stay relevant are having to shift to a mobile-first mindset to meet users where they are. Mobile development is an opportunity to better serve existing users and reach new customers.

Growing Market

The mobile app market is projected to reach over $400 Billion by 2026. Leading software companies are tapping into that rapidly going market to offer something different or deliver a more accessible experience.

New Revenue Channels

By engaging with your customers on a different platform, you create the opportunity for new and different revenue streams. With easy payment options built into the device, the buyer experience is even more convenient with mobile technology.

Deliver Cutting Edge Mobile Experiences to Your Customers

Our technical experts build custom apps with your business goals in mind. We create cross-platform solutions that work seamlessly on any browser or device Our mobile app development services include:

Assessment & Proposal

We can help you determine the best technical platform for your mobile applications.

Technical Expertise

Our mobile app developers have years of experience building progressive web applications, hybrid, and native mobile apps. Whether you need iOS or Android app development, or another operating system, we’ve got you covered.

App Development

We build your app from the ground-up. Whether you need a fully-baked application, an MVP, or platform modernization, our developers can help you build user-friendly software products.

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure the highest level of quality confidence, we built our own industry-leading testing tools. With Katalon and Kobiton, we know how to deliver a high-quality user experience.

Our Approach to Custom Mobile Application Development


We work with you to gain clarity on your mobile app needs, defining clear business outcomes to set up a successful engagement.


We determine the best solution for your mobile application development and align our team to fill your skill and resource gaps.


Our team assesses and develops a plan and strategy to help you execute your mobile app vision.


We deliver and implement the proposed solution, executing the development and providing support as needed.

Benefits of Partnering with KMS on Mobile
Application Development

We have extensive experience building mobile apps and have even created industry-leading mobile testing platforms, Kobiton and Katalon. We know the importance of a seamless user experience in the mobile space and can create a sleek, intuitive mobile experience that your end-users will love.

Accelerate Time to Market

Our mobile solutions incorporate existing platform technologies while still providing a high-quality product.

Respond to Market Demand

We use agile development and flexible frameworks to make it easy for you to respond to changing market demands.

Customer Satisfaction

We design and develop apps with your end-users in mind. We also test these applications on real devices to ensure the best performance.

Why Should Businesses Care About Mobile App Development?


Increased Customer Engagement

Increased Customer Engagement

Mobile applications can provide a more convenient and accessible way for customers to interact with a business, enhancing engagement and improving the customer experience.


Improved Operational Efficiency

Improved Operational Efficiency

Mobile applications can be used to automate and streamline business processes, reducing manual tasks and increasing efficiency.


Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Mobile applications can differentiate a business from its competitors, providing unique features and functionality that enhance the customer experience and improve brand recognition.


Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue

Mobile applications can provide new revenue streams for businesses through in-app purchases, mobile advertising, and subscription-based services.


Access to New Markets

Access to New Markets

Mobile applications can enable businesses to reach new markets and audiences, providing opportunities for growth and expansion.

We Speak Your Language

We have extensive experience with the following technologies and languages.

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Go Beyond Custom Mobile Application Development Services—

Do More with KMS

  • Software Development Services
    Software Development Services

    We offer comprehensive software development services that include mobile development, DevOps consulting, ongoing platform maintenance, microservices development, and application modernization.

  • Software Testing Services
    Software Testing Services

    Quality is in our DNA. We built two of the leading mobile testing platforms on the market because we know how crucial quality is for mobile applications. We apply that same mindset to test both your mobile and traditional software products.

  • Mobile Testing with Kobiton
    Mobile Testing with Kobiton

    UX/UI design is top of mind when developing for mobile. When coupled with our mobile device testing using Kobiton, you know you will deliver a quality product. Our development team uses automation to streamline workflows and test on the real devices your customers use.

  • AI / ML
    AI / ML

    Our AI engineers are pioneers of on-device machine learning, with models specifically built for the mobile space. We take your concept and bring it to life so you can deliver something that really stands out in the market.