Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning Development Services

We help our clients leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enhance their software products. We guide you through the development and data preparation process while tailoring best-in-class ML algorithms to fit your needs.

Why Software Businesses Choose Generative AI Consulting

Your competition is already implementing artificial intelligence into their solutions, but it isn’t too late to get ahead.

Competitive Edge

Leverage AI software development to deliver features your customers have never seen before. This will help you generate new revenue and stand out from the competition.

Accelerate Go-To-Market

Deliver software products faster by implementing generative AI into your SDLC and workflows. Ensure data security and software quality with help from our team.

Boost Productivity

Generate code, test cases, and critical documentation faster with tools like ChatGPT. We can train and ramp up your development teams quickly.

Automation Advantage

Speed up internal business processes with automation that saves time and creates efficiencies for both developers and end-users.

Generative AI for Software Development with KMS

Our consultants and technologists are constantly researching, learning, and leveraging generative AI to increase productivity and software quality. We can help you take advantage of this technology before it becomes table-stakes.

AI Roadmapping

With generative AI evolving rapidly, businesses need a plan to effectively integrate tools like ChatGPT into their workflows and products. Our consultants can help your team build an AI roadmap tailored to your business.

AI-Powered Software Development

Generative AI can write and optimize code, speeding up the software development process significantly. However, experienced development teams are necessary to ensure consistent, quality code that operates effectively. Our development teams are constantly being trained in the latest tools (like GPT 3.5, GPT 4, and Copilot), learning their strengths and weaknesses in depth to launch software products 10x faster.

LLM & Generative AI Consulting

With the speed of generative AI and large language model (LLM) advancements, it’s impossible to keep up with every application and use case for this emerging technology. Our technologists have decades of experience, and we can support the research and implementation of the tools that will work best for you team.

Code Verification & Optimization

Refine your code to be more efficient, readable, and effective with generative AI tools. Our development teams and consultants can help you leverage these tools for faster delivery cycles while ensuring the security of your source code and data.

IP Protection & Security

The world of IP protection & security in regards to generative AI is currently evolving. While no one has definitive answers on the future of potential litigation, we can help establish governance that protects your IP and ensures the security of sensitive data.

How KMS Can Help

We have direct experience building AI solutions for a variety of use cases. Here’s a sample of the work we’ve done (if you don’t see your service need listed, reach out—custom software development is our specialty):

Generative AI
Image Recognition
Natural Language Processing
Software Testing
Predictive Maintenance
Security Analysis
Data Engineering
AI Use Cases at KMS

As early adopters and pioneers of emerging technology, we leverage AI and machine learning in our own product companies. We know what it takes to successfully implement AI.

Katalon uses AI to write test scripts, execute automation tests, and leverage predictive power for more accurate, efficient testing.

Kobiton uses AI to perform scriptless mobile testing. This AI engine tracks visual discrepancies and imperfections to speed up remediation.

Where We Meet you in AI Development

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    I need guidance on implementing AI

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    I need support in data engineering

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    I need to automate testing and repetitive processes

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    I need custom ML models

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    I need to build new AI software features

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    I need AI specialists on my team

Empower Your Software Platform with AI Technology

Our team guides your business on opportunities to use ML and create AI solutions. Our services range from developing an AI strategy to technical implementation, and we can help you execute each stage of the process. We innovate, design, develop, and validate machine learning algorithms to suit your needs.


We determine the type and scope of your AI / ML need, ensuring that emerging technology is the best solution for your product.


We create a custom approach for your AI roadmap, aligning our team to fill your skill and technology gaps.


We prepare your data for ML modeling and iterative improvement, developing in line with your strategy.


We deliver and implement your ML models once we’re confident they meet your goals.

Benefits of Partnering with KMS for Artificial Intelligence Development

We take a consultative approach to AI / ML development, partnering with your team to build smart solutions that exceed customers’ expectations. We also streamline your operations by automating human tasks, delivering more accurate and cost-effective results.

Value-Driven Approach

We assess your platform to ensure an AI / ML solution is the right fit. We’ll build one when it is and offer a better solution when it isn’t.

Development Velocity

Our full-scale development and data analytics teams can ramp up quickly, accelerating release cycles.

Data-Driven Insights

Our data engineers can clean raw data, mine new data, or create synthetic data with millions of records and 99%+ accuracy.

Modern-Day Technology

We don’t shy away from new technology. We were early adopters of on-device ML and continue to train on emerging technologies.

Our AI / ML Libraries and Tools

Data Acquisition

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Data Preparation

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ML Modeling

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Straight From Our Customers

Make Your AI Solutions a Reality with KMS.

Let our consultants show you how to integrate AI into your software product.

Go Beyond Artificial Intelligence —

Do More with KMS

  • Big Data and Analytics
    Big Data and Analytics

    The success of your AI depends on the data it’s being fed. Existing data is always deficient and not always in the format you want to train on. Even if your data is incomplete, our data management team will start with there, learn everything we can from the existing data, and then grow more data ourselves.

  • Software Development Services
    Software Development Services

    We offer end-to-end software development services using agile and continuous delivery methodologies to get your products to market faster. Our software development services include product development, application transformation, mobile development, microservices, and product maintenance.

  • Software Testing Services
    Software Testing Services

    We offer comprehensive, end-to-end quality assurance services that help you confidently deliver the best products to your customers. We leverage automation to weave testing into the delivery cycle and offer extensive UI and API testing services.