Mobile Application Consulting

Deliver a customer-centric mobile application that stands out from the competition with user-friendly features, seamless integration, and a beautiful user interface.

Business Impact of Mobile App Consulting

Elevated User Experience

Stay ahead of the competition with an innovative user interface and improved processing capabilities.

A New Way to Connect

Meet your users where they are and offer a new way to connect with your company. Mobile makes for an easier, more versatile customer experience.

Monetization Opportunity

Tap into new, mobile-based revenue channels. We can help you decide on the best monetization opportunities in your mobile platform without sacrificing user experience.

Strengthened User Base

Don’t be just another app that users download and forget about. Decrease mobile app churn by creating an innovative, feature-rich application without lagging, bugs, and crashes.

The KMS Approach to Mobile App Consulting


We work with you to gain clarity on your mobile consulting needs, defining clear business outcomes to set up a successful engagement.


We determine the best solution for your mobile app and align our team to fill your skill and resource gaps.


Our team assesses and develops a plan and strategy to help you develop your mobile app.


We deliver and implement the proposed solution, executing the plan and providing support as needed.

Cut Through the Noise with a Best-In-Class Mobile Strategy

We take your mobile concept or existing software product and create a strategy and development process that brings it to life. With a focus on high-quality, memorable mobile experiences, our mobile app developers and consultants guide solutions that stand out in the competitive mobile market to reach your business goals.

Idea validation
Platform selection
Database planning
Device compatibility
Execution roadmap
Continued enhancements

Benefits of Partnering with KMS

Our team has over 1,000 resources in Vietnam ready to unlock your data’s full potential. We take your data privacy seriously, operating within encrypted frameworks to prevent data breaches and ensure top-notch security.

Technical Expertise

We have experience building progressive web, hybrid, and native apps and can make informed recommendations on which approach is right for your product.

Consultative Approach

As a full-service software development company, we can help you understand how to translate an enterprise platform into a mobile solution or develop a concept from scratch.

Integrate with Ease

As part of our mobile consulting services, we guide how to best integrate your mobile solution with existing technologies or databases.

Customer Satisfaction

As experts in mobile app quality, our recommendations keep the end-user top of mind to integrate your product into their daily life and decrease customer churn.

Straight From Our Customers

Offer Your Customers a Transformative Mobile Experience.

Talk to our consultants today to learn how to truly engage with your users on mobile.

Go Beyond Mobile App Consulting —

Do More with KMS

  • Mobile Application Development
    Mobile Application Development

    Our mobile engineers are ready to take these consulting deliverables and get to work building your cross-platform solution. We focus on quality and test on real devices to deliver custom, mobile apps.

  • Cloud Consulting
    Cloud Consulting

    Take advantage of our cloud consulting services to create a mobile solution that seamlessly integrates with emerging cloud-based technologies and is scalable, secure, and easy to maintain.

  • Mobile Testing with Kobiton
    Mobile Testing with Kobiton

    Kobiton’s AI-powered platform enables easy, codeless testing on real devices, so you can deliver the best mobile experience. The platform includes device lab management, intelligent test automation, and real device testing.

  • Software Engineering
    Software Engineering

    KMS offers a full suite of software development services. Our expert engineers are perfectly positioned to integrate a mobile solution with an existing platform or offer end-to-end development to scale delivery.