Quality Assurance & Automated
Software Testing Services

With 450+ testers, KMS Technology focuses on scaling your product functionality,
optimizing delivery cycles, and accelerating speed-to-market.

Our Software Testing Offerings

Your business can rely on KMS for delivery excellence, along with the highest testing quality for your software products. Our testing services include:

QA Consulting

Generative AI Test Solutions

Mobile App Testing

End-to-End Test Strategy

Functional & Performance Testing

Test Scripting & Execution

Automation & Manual Testing

Regression Testing

API Testing

Software Testing at a Global Scale

With our purpose-built teams, KMS Technology offers 15+ years of testing knowledge and expertise. We can support your existing teams or work as your dedicated QA team.

QA Testers

Software Developers

Data Engineers

Project Managers

AI/ML Experts

Business Analysts & Consultants


Reduction In Testing Cycles


In Savings With Test Automation


Tests Automated for Single Client


Acceleration in Product Delivery

How We Meet You in The Software Testing Journey

We have experts and capabilities for multiple testing cases to bring the highest product quality to market.

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Case #1

Need to ensure product quality efficiently & quickly

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Case #2

Seeking help testing at a large scale

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Case #3

Looking to increase velocity of delivery cycles

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Case #4

Focused on speed-to-market without losing product quality

KMS Testing Success Stories

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is an online restaurant management platform that delivers scheduling, talent, and inventory management tools. The solution enables restaurant owners to track business productivity and manage day-to-day restaurant operations.


HotSchedules experienced an outdated, unreliable platform that was lacking scalability. They needed to keep up with competiton as far as go-to-market speed and have platform stability that would meet high demand in peak seasons.


Our teams implemented a CI/CD system to accelerate software release cycles and created a new microservices architecture. KMS served as an extension of the testing team and the app's success lead to an acquisition in 2019.

Manual Testing Hours Saved/Week
Global Languages Supported
Payments Processed
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is the leading vehicle valuation and information source. Trusted by both consumers and the automotive industry, KBB provides the most heavily-referenced values in the industry.


KBB was deploying twice a week, but needed to be able to deploy on-demand without extensive regression testing. Additionally, the company had committed to AWS and microservices architecture but needed help completing a seamless transition.


KBB is now 100% migrated to the cloud, has adopted a microservices architecture, implemented effective agile practices, and undergoes regular maintenance strategies that comply with the IT enterprise architecture. After working with KMS, KBB has increased product time-to-market and instilled business confidence with a low product team attrition rate.

Decrease in defect escape ratio in month 1
Of testing automated in 1st year
Deployments/ month, increased from 12
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is a leading provider of an enterprise-class eCommerce platform that helps catalogers, retailers, direct marketers, and brand manufacturers sell goods and services online.


With eCommerce being a competitive industry, Kibo experienced increased demand to have more technology integrations. The teams were facing slow releases, inefficient testing frameworks, and increased technical debt.


KMS helped implement regression testing, QA and an automation framework to improve testing cycles. Our teams also developed a system for Kibo to track support operations to boost efficiency and reduce ticketing backlog.

Decrease in Cost/Ticket
Improved NPS Score
Reduction in Test Cycle
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Ensure Peak Performance
With Our Top Testing Experts.

You Name the Testing Tools, We Bring the Experts

We leverage the industry’s most robust testing tools for our services.
Plus, we’ve developed two successful cutting-edge test platforms of our very own!

Software quality management platform

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AI-driven mobile device platform

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Decoding KMS: Why Test With Us?

Discover what sets KMS apart as your trusted go-to QA & Testing partner.

Reliable, Stable Teams

Our commitment to stability and high-quality is proven through our low attrition rates. We provide reliable, experienced testing teams, dedicated to your success.

High-Quality Product Outcomes

We’re obsessed with quality. Our customers trust us in building revenue-generating software that scales with their business.

The Automation Mindset

Our teams carry deep-rooted knowledge of emerging technologies and automation, helping you outpace competition and get to market fast.

Quick & Agile Team Ramp-Up

With 1300+ KMSers globally, we can ramp up a team immediately, saving time and money from recruitment efforts and overhead costs.

Testing Companies Launched

We’re founders, operators, and builders, who have launched multiple successful product companies—including two related to testing.

Don’t Take Our Word… Hear From Our Clients

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Some third-party firms I have worked with in the past have felt like hired hands, but KMS takes a different approach. It is a true partnership. I felt the team was part of our organization and everyone was committed to the success of the project.

VP of Customer Success & Development, Izenda

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I've evaluated a lot of large development shops, but the fact that KMS Technology offers complete resource teams has really made them stand out. They work from higher-level directions without needing daily management from our in-house team.

VP of Engineering, EditShare

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Their expertise in automation has changed the way we test our applications. We can release faster and with a high degree of confidence that our products will perform as expected.

Director of QA, CareLogistics

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We knew exactly what we wanted our product to do. What we needed was a partner who could help us bring that vision to life. KMS had, by far, the best mobile and multi-channel experience of any outsourcing vendor we interviewed. The choice was easy.

CEO, EngageCX

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KMS has been a key factor in the success of our business. We are able to flex and scale our engineering capabilities leveraging the KMS team, which enables us to deliver industry-leading solutions.

VP of Technology, KBB

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We are so glad that we decided to partner with KMS. We needed a responsive, dynamic partner, and KMS has surpassed our expectations. They have provided expertise and insight that has been incredibly valuable to our platform and instrumental in our success. I would highly recommend KMS to anyone for off-shoring support.

CTO, Resicap

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It has been great working with KMS. They have already given us some great suggestions around code formatting and improvements, and how we can improve our overall workflow.

Technical Lead, Ceterus

Inc 5000
VietNam IT Award
Certified ISO
Salesforce Partner

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Your Partner for Every Software Milestone

  • Service
    AI / ML
    AI / ML

    KMS’s engineers can identify gaps and advise potential opportunities to implement artificial intelligence. We can work with your existing datasets or develop new, synthetic data to create powerful machine learning models.

  • Service
    Data Analytics
    Data Analytics

    Existing data is not always in the format you need it or want it to be in. Your data management team will learn from your existing data and then identify ways to optimize your data sets to meet your business needs.

  • Service
    Cloud Migration & Development
    Cloud Migration & Development

    By migrating to a cloud platform, you can respond to customer demands more quickly and continuously integrate with new technologies.

  • Service
    Mobile Application Development
    Mobile Application Development

    Our mobile engineers are ready to build your cross-platform solution. We focus on quality and test on real devices to deliver custom mobile apps.

Optimize Your Software
Performance With QA.

KMS teams can help with comprehensive testing that meets your organization’s product needs.

Software Testing FAQs

Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Testing Services are crucial aspects of the software development lifecycle that ensure that an organization’s software is functioning as intended and meets the user’s requirements. These services involve a series of activities that identify defects or bugs in software applications, help fix them, and ensure the overall quality of the software.

Our testing experts use best practices and open-source tools to reduce your delivery cycles. We evaluate your APIs based on their specifications, performance, error handling, and security.

Our artificial intelligence implementation services can support generating test cases, improving test coverage, and enhancing overall quality assurance processes.

KMS offers training with the Katalon platform. You can view more information here.

Businesses can benefit from automated software testing as it enhances product quality, helps improve your customer experience, enables faster time-to-market, and gives organizations a competitive advantage.

Yes! By identifying bugs earlier in the development process, companies can prevent revenue losses and save significant costs that might otherwise be incurred if the software were released to market with major defects.