Platform Modernization &
Application Transformation Services

Transform outdated software applications and harness modern technologies
with efficient, streamlined platform modernization services that minimize the
headaches of replatforming.

Our Platform Modernization Services

Our custom platform modernization services prioritize efficient, high-quality transformations that eliminate technical debt and minimize disruption to end users. We leverage automation and generative AI to streamline the replatforming, saving time and costs.

MVP development of modernized software platforms

Data and security management

Software integrations and implementations

Automated software testing & QA to minimize disruption

GenAI-enabled platform mod at an accelerated pace and lower cost

Software maintenance

Implementation of emerging technologies

Cloud deployments

KMS Global Delivery

With industry-best attrition rates, KMS Technology offers senior-level teams in Vietnam, Mexico,
and the US. We can support your existing teams or work as your dedicated application transformation team.

Software Developers

Data Engineers

Project Managers

QA Testers

AI / ML Experts

Business Analysts & Consultants


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How We Meet You in The Platform Modernization Journey

Wherever you are in your digital transformation, we have experts and capabilities for multiple business use cases.

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Case #1

I need to eliminate technical debt

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Case #2

I need to update legacy software to a modern platform

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Case #3

I need to leverage technologies like generative AI and cloud computing

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Case #4

I need to move add-ons and acquisitions onto the same platform

Platform Modernization Solutions by KMS

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is an online restaurant management platform that delivers scheduling, talent, and inventory management tools. The solution enables restaurant owners to track business productivity and manage day-to-day restaurant operations.


HotSchedules experienced an outdated, unreliable platform that was lacking scalability. They needed to keep up with competiton as far as go-to-market speed and have platform stability that would meet high demand in peak seasons.


Our teams implemented a CI/CD system to accelerate software release cycles and created a new microservices architecture. KMS served as an extension of the testing team and the app's success lead to an acquisition in 2019.

Manual Testing Hours Saved/Week
Global Languages Supported
Payments Processed
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This leading risk management company accelerates decision making and improves results across the entire policy lifecycle with fast, sophisticated data analytics and technology solutions.


This org needed a partner to help them adopt the cloud journey. The company’s architecture was not scalable, leading to the inability to keep up with growing customer demands. With a lack of a proper test automation strategy, it was difficult to meet the high demand for customization of web and mobile applications.


By leveraging KMS Technology’s expertise, the team has been able to take full advantage of modern technologies, fill in knowledge gaps to help migrate to the cloud, build a microservices architecture, and implement a streamlined automation strategy. Additionally, the company now has proper processes and architecture in place that can scale as the business grows.

Saved With Test Automation
YoY Growth Attributable to KMS
Automation of API Testing
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is the leading vehicle valuation and information source. Trusted by both consumers and the automotive industry, KBB provides the most heavily-referenced values in the industry.


KBB was deploying twice a week, but needed to be able to deploy on-demand without extensive regression testing. Additionally, the company had committed to AWS and microservices architecture but needed help completing a seamless transition.


KBB is now 100% migrated to the cloud, has adopted a microservices architecture, implemented effective agile practices, and undergoes regular maintenance strategies that comply with the IT enterprise architecture. After working with KMS, KBB has increased product time-to-market and instilled business confidence with a low product team attrition rate.

Decrease in defect escape ratio in month 1
Of testing automated in 1st year
Deployments/ month, increased from 12
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is an application-based intelligence provider that brings critical data insights to end-users across industries. Businesses can natively integrate analytics into their applications with Izenda’s embedded BI solutions.


With increasing end-user demands across the industry, Izenda noticed inefficient workflows that were impacting the customer experience—resulting in costly defect leakage. With minimal expertise and a limited development technology stack, it was challenging to build an updated platform in-house.


KMS helped identify security vulnerabilities in the existing platform and implement security testing to prevent fraud and data breaches. With KMS, Izenda updated all of its legacy systems and streamline overall business processes, which resulted in a seamless platform rollout and increased value for Izenda’s end users.

Automation Coverage
Increase in Release Speed
Legacy Technologies Updated
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Start Your Digital
Transformation Today.

We Understand Your Tech Language

We partner with all of the major cloud providers and work with most tech stacks.

Why KMS for Application Transformation? It’s Simple.

Industry-Best Employee Attrition

With an extremely low voluntary attrition rate, we provide highly stable teams dedicated to your success. Our high retention increases our efficiency in delivering your app transformation.

High-Quality Product Outcomes

We build high-quality, revenue-generating software at an affordable cost. We can deploy complex platform integrations without defects.

It’s Not Just About the Code

We don’t just execute code. We provide guidance to ensure your application transformation is future-proof, built on a strong foundation, and cost-effective.

Multiple Product Companies Launched

KMS has been in your shoes. We’ve been founders, operators, and investors, knowing what it takes to launch multiple successful product companies.

We Can Ramp Up Teams Fast!

With over 1300+ KMSers globally, we can ramp up a dedicated team immediately, saving you time and money from recruitment efforts and overhead costs.

Don’t Take Our Word…Hear From Our Clients

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Some 3rd party firms I have worked with in the past have felt like hired hands, but KMS takes a different approach. It is a true partnership. I felt the team was part of our organization and everyone was committed to the success of the project.

VP of Customer Success & Development, Izenda

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KMS has been a key factor in the success of Kelley Blue Book. We are able to flex and scale our engineering capabilities by leveraging the KMS team, which enables us to deliver industry-leading solutions.

VP of Software Engineering, Kelley Blue Book

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At times, KMS was more committed to our success than our internal teams were and we would not have come close to accomplishing what we did without our partnership.

Director of Product Management, HotSchedules

Inc 5000
VietNam IT Award
Certified ISO
Salesforce Partner

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Say Goodbye to Your Legacy Platforms.

Don’t delay your competitive advantage. Start your platform modernization journey today with KMS.

Platform Modernization FAQs

Platform modernization services refer to the process of updating and migrating legacy IT systems to modern platforms, architectures, and technologies. This process can involve updating hardware, software, databases, and existing applications to improve performance, security, and functionality.

As consumers are exposed to more modern technologies, their expectations begin to adjust accordingly. Legacy platforms tend to be less efficient, more costly, and more prone to bugs and security breaches, which can negatively impact the user experience. Platform modernization enables software companies to keep up with the latest developments in technology and position their software with the strongest foundation for improvement and growth.

Platform modernization is necessary when an existing software or system becomes outdated compared to other solutions on the market. While there is no perfect formula to determining when a platform modernization should take place, organizations must weigh the deficits in their current platform against the benefits of modernizing over time. Technical debt and outdated systems tend to add up, leading to greater long term costs than the upfront expense of a modernization. Organizations must also consider the potential advantage they’re losing when modernized competitors can operate with more agility and provide better experiences to end users.

KMS works with you to understand the full scope of your platform in its current state and where it needs to be in the future. We have vast experience in making platform modernization as painless as possible and delivering measurable, impactful results. Having worked with billion-dollar companies with complex modernization needs, we’ve successfully updated their systems and saved millions in bottom-line revenue. We can do the same for you too!

KMS Goes Beyond Platform Modernization

  • Service
    Big Data and Analytics
    Big Data and Analytics

    The success of your AI depends on the data it’s being fed. Existing data is often deficient and not always in the format you want to train on. Even if your data is incomplete, our data management team will start with there, learn everything we can from the existing data, and then grow more data ourselves.

  • Service
    Software Development Services
    Software Development Services

    We offer end-to-end software development services using agile and continuous delivery methodologies to get your products to market faster. Our software development services include product development, application transformation, mobile development, microservices, and product maintenance.

  • Service
    Software Integration Services
    Software Integration Services

    Our engineers can guide and execute the integration of multiple platforms. Whether your integration is the result of an acquisition, a partnership, or combining two existing products, we can guide the way.

  • Service
    Cloud Services
    Cloud Services

    Our cloud consultants assess your platform and business goals to create a tailored migration strategy and cloud roadmap. Understand the best way for your company to leverage the cloud.