Why Vietnam?

All outsourcing is not the same. At KMS, we stand for quality and integrity.
The talent we work with in Vietnam outperforms others on the global stage.

The Vietnam Advantage

We guarantee the highest engineering quality and transparent communication with our Vietnam-based development teams.

Transformative Growth
Vietnam is predicted to be one of the fastest-growing economies and emerge as one of the top 20 in the world.

Reliable, World-Class Infrastructure
With over 40 years of stability, your project won’t be stalled because of unexpected blackouts or civil unrest.

Optimize Your Team’s Time
Coupled with an engaged executive team based in Atlanta, you and your product will benefit from multifaceted support.

English Proficiency
Our Vietnamese KMSers have a 96% English literacy rate and a 100% proficiency in written and verbal English.

Advanced IT Talent Pool
The Vietnamese government invests heavily in growing advanced tech skillsets like AI and cybersecurity.

KMS Spotlight on Our Vietnam Culture

Ready to Work With a
Team Dedicated To Your Success?

Our Standards Are High. Yours Should Be Too.

Discover what sets KMS apart as your trusted go-to technology partner.

Industry-Best Employee Attrition

With an extremely low voluntary attrition rate, we provide highly stable teams, dedicated to your success.

High-Quality Software That Scales

With a 5-year average client tenure, our customers trust us in building revenue-generating software that scales with their business.

It’s Not Just About the Code

We’re not just focused on coding; our teams are there from conception to market launch, focusing on achieving business results.

Quick & Agile Team Ramp-Up

With 1300+ KMSers globally, we can ramp up a team immediately, saving time and money from recruitment efforts and overhead costs.

Product Companies Launched

KMS has been in your shoes—we’re founders, operators, & investors, knowing what it takes to launch successful product companies (we’ve spun out 6!)

Meet KMSers in Vietnam

Truc Nguyen

Delivery Director

15 years

Software outsourcing, product development, management

Truc works hands-on to grow projects from a few members to large, hundred-headcount teams with increased productivity. She knows how to implement engineering best practices to support business goals.

Hung Pham

Sr. Engineering Manager / Scrum Master

22 years

Software development, engineering process optimization, agile & traditional waterfall / RUP

Hung has both solid technical skills and experience implementing project strategies to match business goals, especially in high-pressure projects.

Phuong Nguyen

VP of Delivery

20+ years

Strategic planning, resource management, emerging technologies

Prior to KMS, Phuong worked as the Head of Presales, Program Manager, Technical Project Manager, Technical Architect, and Software Developer, providing him with a breadth of experience in a variety of critical roles.

Customer Voices

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Some 3rd party firms I have worked with in the past have felt like hired hands, but KMS takes a different approach. It is a true partnership. I felt the team was part of our organization and everyone was committed to the success of the project.

VP of Customer Success & Development, Izenda

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We needed a responsive, dynamic partner, and KMS has surpassed our expectations. They have provided expertise and insight that has been incredibly valuable to our platform and instrumental in our success. I would highly recommend KMS to anyone for offshoring support.

CTO, Resicap

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KMS has been a key factor in the success of Kelley Blue Book. We are able to flex and scale our engineering capabilities by leveraging the KMS team, which enables us to deliver industry-leading solutions.

VP of Software Engineering, Kelley Blue Book

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At times, KMS was more committed to our success than our internal teams were and we would not have come close to accomplishing what we did without our partnership.

Director of Product Management, HotSchedules

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FAQs on Vietnam Outsourcing

Our KMSers have a 96% English literacy rate and a 100% proficiency in written and verbal English.

KMS provides a comprehensive action plan to ensure seamless integration, especially for hybrid and
remote scrum teams.

In short, the KMS team will gather essential information and proactively gain approval from the client to
limit back-and-forth.

KMS will make the following items clear:

  • Code Convention
  • Code Review Checklist
  • Merge Request Convention

Each customer works with a US-based executive who is reachable during US working hours for any issues requiring escalation. Our teams will work proactively to address potential issues, and will work around the clock to ensure issues are resolved.

We over-communicate and set up regular touchpoints to discuss project workflows and feedback.

Vietnam is now a major competitor to India and China. With political and economic stability and government investment in technology, Vietnam has an extraordinary tech talent pool to draw from. KMS has a stellar reputation in Vietnam, drawing the best of the best and retaining them with the lowest attrition rates in the industry.

Compared to nearshore and Eastern European options, Vietnam is typically more cost-effective as well.

Culturally, our teams will work hard and execute your development projects, but will also be proactive in asking questions and speaking up when better solutions are evident.