Why Vietnam?

All outsourcing is not the same. At KMS, we stand for quality and integrity. The talent we work with in Vietnam outperforms others on the global stage. As a trusted offshore partner, we can bring the best to your team.

The Vietnam Advantage

Transformative Growth

Vietnam is now a major competitor and alternative to India and China. By 2050, Vietnam is predicted to be one of the fastest-growing economies and emerge as one of the top 20 in the world.

English Proficiency

Our Vietnamese KMSers have a 96% English literacy rate and a 100% proficiency in written and verbal English.

Reliable, World-Class Infrastructure

With over 40 years of political and economic stability, your project won’t be stalled because of unexpected blackouts or civil unrest.

Advanced IT Talent Pool

The Vietnamese government is investing heavily in growing advanced tech skillsets like AI and cybersecurity. As one of the most desirable workplaces in the country, we get to hire the best.

Optimize Your Team’s Time

Achieve continuous coverage and delivery cycles for your product beyond U.S. working hours with the support of global top talent. Coupled with an engaged executive team based in Atlanta, you and your product will benefit from multifaceted support.

Why Businesses Choose KMS

Get Your Product to Market Faster Without Sacrificing Quality

Ramp up immediately with an offshore team, who can speed up development with continuous delivery–no long hiring process required!

Fill Talent Gaps & Expand
Valuable Skill Sets

Talent shortages make it challenging to fill every role, especially if you’re piloting emerging technologies and innovation. Offshoring provides critical flexibility and in-demand skills.

Keep Your Internal Team Focused
on Core Business Functions

Offshore teams can support you at every stage of the software development lifecycle, allowing your team to work more efficiently and with greater focus.

Benefits of Outsourcing with KMS

Low Attrition Rate

Our engineers strive to enhance your development team, working together to realize your product vision.

Senior Level Talent

Access skills from experienced engineers trained in emerging technologies.

Execute Findings

At KMS, we create our own software companies in-house. We know what it takes to build and launch products from the ground up.

Our Vietnam Offices

Da Nang

346, 2/9 Street
Hai Chau District
Da Nang City, Vietnam

Tan Vien

2 Tan Vien Street
Ward 2, Tan Binh District
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Meet KMSers in Vietnam

Truc Nguyen

Delivery Director

15 years

Software outsourcing, product development, management

Truc works hands-on to grow projects from a few members to large, hundred-headcount teams with increased productivity. She knows how to implement engineering best practices to support business goals.

Hung Pham

Sr. Engineering Manager / Scrum Master

22 years

Software development, engineering process optimization, agile & traditional waterfall / RUP

Hung has both solid technical skills and experience implementing project strategies to match business goals, especially in high-pressure projects.

Phuong Nguyen

VP of Delivery

20+ years

Strategic planning, resource management, emerging technologies

Prior to KMS, Phuong worked as the Head of Presales, Program Manager, Technical Project Manager, Technical Architect, and Software Developer, providing him with a breadth of experience in a variety of critical roles.

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