Data Integrity & Analytics Services

Harness the full power of your data to maximize your technology investments,
enable AI solutions, and drive better business decisions.

Our Data Integrity & Analytics Services

Data integrity is critical. We provide end-to-end support for data integrity and analytics, ensuring that data is clean, accurate, and prepared to flow seamlessly through your pipeline.

Data Monetization
Prepare, clean, and manage your data for the successful deployment of AI and ML models and analytics functions.

Salesforce Integration
Create a single source of truth for your data with Salesforce integrations.

Data Lakes & Warehouses
We can assist with your data storage no matter the format or type of data.

Tools & Processes
Establish a strong data management process and select the right ETL, data storage, and data reporting tools.

Data Management
Pave the way for AI or automation transformation with scalable data management processes.

Generative AI
Prepare your data for custom generative AI models, ensuring IP protection and security.

Data Analytics
Build internal and customer-facing analytics solutions tailored to your end users’ needs.

Data Engineering & Data Science
Leverage advanced skills to create custom solutions, including AI and ML deployments.

KMS Global Delivery

KMS Technology offers purpose-built teams across our onshore, nearshore, and offshore locations. Whether you need support for your existing teams or a dedicated engineering team, we have the capabilities you seek.

Software Developers

Data Engineers

Project Managers

QA Testers

AI/ML Experts

Business Analysts & Consultants


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How We Meet You in Your Data Analytics Journey

Wherever you are with your data, we have experts and capabilities for multiple business use cases.

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Case #1

I need to properly prepare, clean, and store my data

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Case #2

I need an effective data management process and pipeline

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Case #3

I need to integrate various data sources

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Case #4

I need to build custom data analytics solutions

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Case #5

I need to leverage my data for generative AI and machine learning

Transform Your Data
into a Business Powerhouse.


Data security is paramount. Our experience with confidential and regulated data gives us a security-first mindset that protects your business and customers.

Data Integrity Success Stories

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is an application-based intelligence provider that brings critical data insights to end-users across industries. Businesses can natively integrate analytics into their applications with Izenda’s embedded BI solutions.


With increasing end-user demands across the industry, Izenda noticed inefficient workflows that were impacting the customer experience—resulting in costly defect leakage. With minimal expertise and a limited development technology stack, it was challenging to build an updated platform in-house.


KMS helped identify security vulnerabilities in the existing platform and implement security testing to prevent fraud and data breaches. With KMS, Izenda updated all of its legacy systems and streamline overall business processes, which resulted in a seamless platform rollout and increased value for Izenda’s end users.

Automation Coverage
Increase in Release Speed
Legacy Technologies Updated
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This leading risk management company accelerates decision making and improves results across the entire policy lifecycle with fast, sophisticated data analytics and technology solutions.


This org needed a partner to help them adopt the cloud journey. The company’s architecture was not scalable, leading to the inability to keep up with growing customer demands. With a lack of a proper test automation strategy, it was difficult to meet the high demand for customization of web and mobile applications.


By leveraging KMS Technology’s expertise, the team has been able to take full advantage of modern technologies, fill in knowledge gaps to help migrate to the cloud, build a microservices architecture, and implement a streamlined automation strategy. Additionally, LexisNexis now has proper processes and architecture in place that can scale as the business grows.

Saved With Test Automation
YoY Growth Attributable to KMS
Automation of API Testing
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is the leading vehicle valuation and information source. Trusted by both consumers and the automotive industry, KBB provides the most heavily-referenced values in the industry.


KBB was deploying twice a week, but needed to be able to deploy on-demand without extensive regression testing. Additionally, the company had committed to AWS and microservices architecture but needed help completing a seamless transition.


KBB is now 100% migrated to the cloud, has adopted a microservices architecture, implemented effective agile practices, and undergoes regular maintenance strategies that comply with the IT enterprise architecture. After working with KMS, KBB has increased product time-to-market and instilled business confidence with a low product team attrition rate.

Decrease in defect escape ratio in month 1
Of testing automated in 1st year
Deployments/ month, increased from 12
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Why KMS for Data Integrity?

Bad Data?
No Problem.

KMS data engineers can clean raw data, mine new data, or create synthetic data with millions of records and 99%+ accuracy.

We Deliver Data Solutions That Work

We’re obsessed with quality. Our customers trust us in managing large, complex data sets, working with major cloud providers, and prepping data for emerging technologies.

It’s Not Just About the Data

Our data experts don’t solely focus on the data itself; we approach data with a holistic strategy to ensure it meets your goals and delivers premium business outcomes.

Multiple Product Companies Launched

KMS has been in your shoes. We’ve been founders, operators, and investors, knowing what it takes to launch multiple successful product companies.

We Can Ramp Up Teams Fast!

With over 1300+ KMSers globally, we can ramp up a dedicated team immediately, saving you time and money from recruitment efforts and overhead costs.

Our Data Analytics & AI/ML Tools

Data Acquisition

data acquisition product logo

Data Preparation

data preparation product logo

ML Modeling

ML Modeling product logo


deployment product logo

Hear From Our Customers

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Some 3rd party firms I have worked with in the past have felt like hired hands, but KMS takes a different approach. It is a true partnership. I felt the team was part of our organization and everyone was committed to the success of the project.

VP of Customer Success & Development, Izenda

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KMS has been a key factor in the success of Kelley Blue Book. We are able to flex and scale our engineering capabilities by leveraging the KMS team, which enables us to deliver industry-leading solutions.

VP of Software Engineering, Kelley Blue Book

logo item icon quote

At times, KMS was more committed to our success than our internal teams were and we would not have come close to accomplishing what we did without our partnership.

Director of Product Management, HotSchedules

Inc 5000
VietNam IT Award
Certified ISO
Salesforce Partner

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Do More with Your Data.

Data is an investment that can provide enormous returns—if it’s properly prepared. Turn to KMS to ensure your data is set up for monetization.

Data Integrity FAQs

Data integrity refers to the accuracy and cleanliness of your data across its lifecycle. Data integrity is the foundation of successful analytics, ML models, and generative AI deployments.

Without data integrity, models can produce inaccurate, nonsensical, or biased results, or outputs that appear meaningful at first glance but fall apart under scrutiny.

Organizations risk spreading false information and making decisions based on faulty premises if they rely on bad data. On the other hand, ensuring data integrity enables an organization to leverage data for multiple use cases and revenue streams, from AI deployments to advanced, predictive analytics.

Data integrity refers to many aspects of the data management process, including how the data flows into your database, how and where it’s stored, the accuracy and consistency of each datapoint, and how the data is pulled.

Comprehensive data management is essential for maintaining data integrity and can encompass simple data cleaning work to advanced data engineering, depending on the volume, scope, and historical cleanliness of your data.

Descriptive Analytics
A type of analysis that answers the question “what happened“ or “what is happening.“ Descriptive analytics encompass most reports, showing quantitative graphs and charts that indicate values like sales figures.

Diagnostic Analytics
An advanced form of data analytics that answers “why“ questions, diagnostic analytics evaluates the root cause beneath trends and anomalies, usually explaining the contributing factors via insights.

Prescriptive Analytics
Prescriptive analytics provides actionable insights to end users, offering suggestions on how to improve the key values represented in the data. Prescriptive analytics typically leverages natural language generation.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive analytics uses your data to make predictions, helping end users make decisions based on which outcomes are most likely when various inputs are changed.

Powerful analytics and AI are dependent on how accurate and complete your datasets are. Our engineers are able to take raw and incomplete data and not only clean that data, but extract the information needed to create over 99% accurate synthetic datasets.

Generative AI relies on data to produce outputs. Because GenAI is highly accessible, problems created by bad data can quickly spread. As more organizations look to harness the power of GenAI, they’ll need to prioritize data integrity so that their investments in advanced models create value.

Data analytics enable companies to make smarter decisions faster than competitors. Analytics transforms data into comprehensive insights that drive growth, accelerate innovation, and reduce risk by enabling informed decision-making. Custom analytics allow you to answer your most pressing questions efficiently and truly understand how the state of your business has developed over time.

KMS takes the security and privacy of client data very seriously. We have implemented a comprehensive set of policies, procedures, and technical measures designed to protect your sensitive information at all times. Some of the key aspects of our approach include:

  • Data Encryption
  • Access Controls
  • Regular Security Audits and Assessments
  • Employee Training
    Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS)
  • Incident Response Plan

We have experts across the spectrum of data engineering and analytics. We specialize in the following areas, but can assist with nearly any data analytics project:

  • Build data warehouses
  • Establish data ETL pipelines and workflows
  • Build data analytics dashboards and reports
  • Embedded analytics tools for software platforms

Beyond Data Integrity Services

  • Service
    AI & ML
    AI & ML

    We have the know-how to take your concept and turn it into a reality. Our engineers can expand upon your existing data to build machine learning models and AI experiences to enhance your customer experience.

  • Service
    Software Development Services
    Software Development Services

    We offer end-to-end software development services using agile and continuous delivery methodologies to get your products to market faster. Our software development services include product development, application transformation, mobile development, microservices, and product maintenance.

  • Service
    Software Testing Services
    Software Testing Services

    We offer comprehensive, end-to-end quality assurance services that help you confidently deliver the best products to your customers. We leverage automation to weave testing into the delivery cycle and offer extensive UI and API testing services.

  • Service
    Cloud Services
    Cloud Services

    Migrating to the cloud can be a major benefit of modernization. Cloud-based platforms allow for scalable data storage, integration with modern tools, and more security. We can develop a cloud migration plan as part of digital transformation.