Salesforce Development, Integration, & Consulting Services

Make the most of your Salesforce experience with custom development, implementations, and integrations.

Tailored Support for Your Entire Salesforce Suite

With 16+ years as a Salesforce partner, our SFDC developers and consulting partners can help your business with all things Salesforce.







Maximize Your Salesforce Experience

A Low-Code / No-Code Approach

We build low-code / no-code automations that business teams can replicate and modify with ease and without the use of a developer.

Tailor Salesforce to Your Needs

Our experts can customize Salesforce to align with and automate business processes, leveraging Einstein’s generative AI for cutting-edge solutions.

Reduce Risk with Expert Guidance

With deep domain expertise, our team guides you through the best practices and Salesforce solutions for your business needs.

Develop Custom Salesforce Apps

Ready to showcase your idea on the AppExchange? We build your app from the ground up with our extensive knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Our Salesforce Services

Salesforce Development Services

Build a Salesforce experience that drives your business with custom development for your unique needs. Whether your business requirements include complex automation, a custom user interface, or enhanced reports, we can build it for you.

Our team can:

  • Automate complex business processes such as lead management, opportunity management, and customer service
  • Build customized user interfaces that are tailored your business’s specific needs
  • Create advanced reporting and analytics
  • Manage and analyze large amounts of data
  • Improve the quality, reliability, and maintainability of your Salesforce instance

Salesforce Implementation Services

We can handle complex Salesforce implementations across multiple legacy systems.

Our team can:

  • Guide your custom Salesforce implementation to meet your business goals with a proven project management strategy
  • Engage and train end-users to ensure adoption
  • Migrate accurate and complete data from legacy systems like Microsoft, Zoho, ACT! and more.  We welcome large and complex data migrations, leveraging existing tools and custom solutions to get the job done!
  • Integrate with other systems, aligning with and improving upon your organization’s business processes
  • Manage and support your implementation 

Salesforce Integration Services

Our Salesforce integration consultants and developers have years of experience building reliable, robust integrations with various APIs and ETL Tools. Here are just a few examples:

ETL Tools:

  • Mulesoft
  • Informatica
  • Jitterbit
  • Apex Data Loader
  • Skyvia
  • Talend Studio


    • Quickbooks and other Accounting APIs
    • Google APIs
    • Social Media APIs (Facebook)
    • Amazon S3
    • Custom APIs for Custom Applications
    • Custom Two-Way Synchronizations

AppExchange Development

Deliver high-quality commercial software for the AppExchange at a lower cost. With 15+ years of Salesforce experience, we’ll ensure your app serves the needs of your audience, while operating seamlessly within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Our team can:

  • Build your software product from the ground up
  • Partner with you to build and iterate on a roadmap for longterm success
  • Optimize your AppExchange software
  • Rapidly increase the speed and scale of your development team
  • Guide you through the ins-and-outs of the Salesforce ecosystem, AppExchange, and Salesforce partners
  • Perform testing, quality assurance, and ongoing maintenance
  • Modernize your software platform and integrate new Salesforce technologies and emerging tech

Connected App Development

Build cutting-edge apps for the Salesforce ecosystem with Heroku and Ruby on Rails.

Our team can help you:

  • Leverage Heroku Enterprise, Heroku Connect, Ruby on Rails, and more
  • Build web and mobile apps that are highly integrated with Salesforce data
  • Create a seamless customer experience with personalized, engaging apps
  • Interact with customers in real time based on their in-app actions
6 Pitfalls to Avoid in Salesforce Development

Power Your Business with Custom Salesforce Development.

Let our team create the ideal Salesforce experiences and products for your company.

Where Our Salesforce Experts Meet You in The Process

No matter whether you’re looking to adopt Salesforce, improve your existing implementation, or extend the platform with customization, we can help any step of the way.

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    I need to move from a legacy system to Salesforce

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    I need low-code solutions for business users

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    I need a custom Salesforce solution

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    I need to engage customers within Salesforce

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    I need a single source of truth for my data

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    I need to build a Salesforce app

The KMS Methodology

Our methodology has worked time and time again to build market-ready Salesforce products and custom solutions for every business need.


We work with you to gain clarity on your Salesforce needs, defining clear business outcomes to set up a successful engagement.


We determine the best solution for your Salesforce instance or app and align our team to fill your skill and resource gaps.


Our team assesses and develops an app development, implementation, or integration strategy to guide the process.


We execute the plan, delivering your Salesforce solutions with clear communication and milestones.

Why KMS for Salesforce Development?

Tools: pencil, hammer, screwdriver, ruler

Collaborative Teams

Our teams will scale to meet your timelines and deliver measurable results. With US timezone alignment and proven collaboration tools, your project will stay on track.


Salesforce Experts

Software Allies, a KMS company, has been a Salesforce Consulting and ISV Partner since 2007 and have completed hundreds of successful projects.

Partner Network

We have strategic partners in the Salesforce ecosystem, from App partners to proficient experts in CommerceCloud, Financial Service Cloud, and more.

Client Success Stories

creates leaders in the accounting industry by providing high quality, easily accessible continuing education for Certified Public Accounts.


The team needed to create a platform that was robust enough for thousands of CPAs to access online learning materials and industry news. This platform needed to be supported by a Salesforce integration to drive marketing efforts, webinar and user administration, and content management.


Our Salesforce development team created an integration that houses all contact information for potential website leads, enabling third party marketing tools. After optimizing the solution and enhancing reliability, our team delivered a platform that now supports over 40,000 CPAs and over 100 instructors.


is an industry leader for providing actionable energy and sustainability data to property managers through their SeaSuite platform.


Using Salesforce, Goby needed to create a platform that would effectively visualize complex energy data across all device types. Goby required a sleek and intuitive UI as well as automations to enhance the user experience for their customers and partners.


Our team enhanced the Salesforce system beyond the standard Reporting and Dashboards to create mobile-friendly visual components that help users make sense of their data. More data sources could be pulled into Salesforce with increasing efficiency and reliability. With automated workflows, property managers received notifications during energy spikes, allowing them to respond quickly.

is a premier turnkey exhibit solutions provider that offers the most comprehensive breadth of trade show exhibits and exhibit related services on the internet today.


The team needed to create a Salesforce-centric platform that leveraged modern technologies and a great user experience to increase website engagement. The platform required a scalable, robust framework to support the exhibit inventory and increased web traffic.


Our team created a new website that’s tightly integrated with Salesforce. Every inventory listing and all user activity is synced with Salesforce, allowing marketing and sales teams to react to real-time data and respond to engaged users. Website visitors are funneled into a tailored marketing journey to increase sales.

Our Strategic Partners & Technologies

Salesforce Tools

Go Beyond Salesforce Solutions —

Do More with KMS

  • Software Engineering
    Software Engineering

    Looking for more robust development? Over the years, we have built multiple industry-leading software products. Our full-cycle product development services use agile and continuous delivery practices to build quality software and get your products to market quickly.

  • Manual and Automated Testing
    Manual and Automated Testing

    Through our automation-first approach, we eliminate the testing bottleneck to accelerate delivery and the release of new features. Ensure your software system is operating effectively and able to adapt to your evolving needs with enhanced software and quality assurance testing.

  • Software Maintenance Services
    Software Maintenance Services

    Serve your long-term support and maintenance needs for your product. Add a new team or development capability almost immediately and accelerate delivery at any phase of the development process.

6 Pitfalls to Avoid in Salesforce Development