Software Integration Services

Our integration services provide guidance on the right way to combine software products and the technical resources to complete the job, leading to a seamlessly integrated solution.

Business Impact of Integrating Your Software

Understand the risks and rewards of your integration. In the case of an acquisition, merger, or partnership, we draw back the curtain so your team can make fully informed decisions and accurately determine the investment opportunity’s full potential.

Seamlessly Connect

Our experts will simplify the integration process and amplify efficiency. We work to lessen the development effort on your side while still implementing a custom integration solution.

Maximize Business Value

Identify ways to optimize the potential of your platforms before you merge them. Our experts help you understand how to build upon the existing technologies to increase value and compete in the marketplace.

Protect Your Data

Don’t let your data get lost or breached during the integration process. We use encrypted networks and top of the line security to ensure your secure migration.

Reduce Risks & Liabilities

We examine both existing and prospective technologies to provide you with a transparent picture of each platform. That way, your team can prepare for potential risks and know how to overcome them in advance.

Software Evaluation & Integration

We leverage over a decade of expertise to ensure that you bring your products together seamlessly. Our software evaluation services assist your company in successfully approaching this change and provide full transparency into what the integration process will actually look like:

KMS evaluates each platform to fully understand the functionality and architecture
Our experts will also discern how long it will take to integrate so that your team can plan accordingly
After assessing the compatibility of both platforms, our team develops a detailed integration strategy that includes recommendations for which aspects of the platform should be kept, modernized, or eliminated
KMS doesn’t just advise you, we stand ready to help with the heavy lifting wherever it is needed
After developing a platform integration strategy, our team will create a smooth data migration plan. We employ our expertise and tools to protect the data of both platforms, prevent other bottlenecks during the integration process, and enable an accurate and efficient migration

Benefits of Partnering with KMS

Our integration consultants have years of experience in delivering Enterprise-grade software solutions and understand the ins and outs of what powers a successful, integrated platform.

Senior Level Expertise

The team creating your integration plan will include our CTO and executive-level consultants, not junior associates. Your team will get a custom integrations solution that has been designed by leaders with a consultative approach.

Operators & Investors

We approach integration opportunities from the unique viewpoint of both an operator and investor because KMS has started, operated, and sold technology businesses ourselves.

Resources to Execute Findings

Between our software development and consulting teams, we can assess your platforms, offer an integration roadmap, and then offer the resources and expertise needed to execute our suggestions.

Straight From Our Customers

Build a Strategy for Your Integration Needs.

Start outlining your integration process with the help of our experts today.

Go Beyond Software Integration —

Do More with KMS

  • Cloud Migration
    Cloud Migration

    We work with your team on the planning, execution, and delivery of your cloud solution. We take the consultant recommendations to start moving your platform to the cloud or build a new, cloud-enabled application.

  • Platform Modernization
    Platform Modernization

    We modernize the platform of your investment to resolve technical debt and create a scalable, resilient product. That way, your team can focus on innovation rather than upkeep.

  • Technical Assessments
    Technical Assessments

    We provide investors with a vital understanding of their investment’s platform with our technical assessments. We outline our findings and recommendations to show how to mitigate risk and enhance opportunity.

  • New Product Development
    New Product Development

    We have built several industry-leading software products over the years. Our full-cycle product development services use agile and continuous delivery practices to help your firm build a quality product with faster releases.