Technical Assessment Services

Whether you need a high-level overview or an in-depth evaluation, our team
takes a tailored approach to evaluate software and provide a transparent perspective
on the platform’s needs, how to fix the gaps, and how to prioritize further investments.

Our Technical Assessment Services

We understand that to be competitive, companies need to make quick technology decisions in order to accelerate innovation and meet market demands. We efficiently provide the following deliverables:

Architecture review

Process and tooling

Performance evaluation

Code review

Infrastructure review

Organization and leadership structure

Technical debt levels

Security evaluation

Our Approach to Technical Assessments


Strategic Roadmap

KMS will help determine the type and scope of the assessment to meet your needs.

Information Gathering

We request artifacts, schedule interviews with stakeholders, and collect data.


Our teams conduct interviews, analyze your data and artifacts, and can perform a code scan.


We prepare and present our transparent findings and recommendations to improve the product.


Tech Assessments Completed


Invested by PE firms in KMS clients


PE / VC Firm Relationships


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How We Meet You in With Tech Assessments

No matter where you are in the M&A process, or whether you’re on the buy side or sell side, we can help you evaluate your software with your goals in mind.

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Case #1

I need a comprehensive look at my technology state

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Case #2

I need a plan to execute recommendations and eliminate technical debt

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Case #3

I need guidance to make educated investment decisions based on the technology state

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Case #4

I need to quickly implement improvements based on the assessment findings

Invest Wisely with a 360° View
Into Your Product.

Hear From Our Customers

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KMS Technology has very successfully partnered with multiple Rubicon companies to provide software development and testing teams. Beyond providing great services and accelerating our portfolio companies development, KMS has become a true partner to Rubicon and our companies.

Partner, Rubicon

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Unlike other offshore development firms, KMS Technology’s specialization in working with Private and Growth Equity software companies sets them apart. Because of their deep understanding of our portfolio company’s needs, KMS’s executive consulting provided specific solutions that will enable our company to scale.

Operating Partner, Welsch, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

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We’re able to leverage KMS once we’re hired. It’s the last mile of a company lifecycle and at that point, KMS is able to position us and help refine things and enhance value. At times, we wish KMS was involved a bit earlier in the process.

Managing Director, SEG

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The quality and depth of KMS Technology’s reviews have been super helpful not only to us but to the companies that we invest in. They get right into the source code and give line-specific feedback. The fact that they write code themselves and audits are not their sole source of revenue gives them a differentiator in the market

Chief Architect, UnitLeader

Why KMS for Tech Assessments?

Senior Level Talent

The team leading your assessment will include our CTO or executive level consultants, not junior associates. They pull from their years of experience to give thoughtful assessments that maximize your ROI.

Execute Improvements

Our suite of services will help you take assessment findings and immediately get to work. You won’t waste time transferring knowledge because we have the manpower and expertise improve software efficiently.

Tailored to You

Need a quick assessment with a tight turnaround? Need a thorough, comprehensive deep dive? We can deliver according to your needs and timeline, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Multiple Product Companies Launched

KMS has been in your shoes. We’ve been founders, operators, and investors, knowing what it takes to launch multiple successful product companies.

Ramp Up Teams Fast

With over 1300+ KMSers globally, we can ramp up a dedicated team immediately, saving you time and money from recruitment efforts and overhead costs.

Ultimate Due Diligence Checklist

Learn the essential steps for due diligence in this comprehensive checklist designed to help private equity firms create more value.

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Understand the Current State
of Your Software.

We’ll guide you through comprehensive assessments on how to get the most out of your investments.

Technical Assessment FAQs

A technical assessment evaluates a software product to determine the potential risks in the platform and opportunities for growth. Reviewing the code quality and infrastructure are the most basic components of an assessment, designed to identify technical debt and the quality of the software’s foundation.

More comprehensive assessments include overviews of development team structure and organizational leadership to estimate a software company’s growth potential. The ultimate goal of an assessment is to help decision-makers gain an overall picture of the software company and develop a roadmap that prioritizes the most critical elements for improvement.

Technical assessments provide transparency into the true state of a software product. Software companies can leverage these results to prioritize improvements, reduce risks and liabilities in the product, and build more efficient development processes.

For investment conversations, assessments are essential for investors to understand the state of a potential or existing portfolio company. With the findings in hand, PE and VC firms can decide whether or not to invest and/or create a plan to address the most pressing elements needed for growth.

KMS provides tailored assessments based on your needs.

We can perform highly detailed assessments, including line-by-line code scans to ensure nothing is missed, or high-level assessments with quick turnaround times. With a thorough understanding of the software product, KMS provides recommendations informed by our team’s extensive experience in tech and private equity.

Having built and launched our own software companies, we understand the pitfalls that hold products back and the improvements that drive significant growth.

Tech assessments are essential for PE and VC firms in M&A conversations with software companies. These assessments provide unbiased technology insights that help firms make wise investment decisions and create successful strategies for their portfolio companies.

Software companies can also benefit from assessments by fully understanding the state of their platform, how to improve, and what they need to prepare for in M&A conversations.

Beyond Technical Assessments

  • Service
    Technology Due Diligence
    Technology Due Diligence

    Get a deep and analytical look at the product before you invest with our diligence technical assessments. We give investors a vital understanding of the deal you are stepping into, so you know the risks and opportunities before you invest.

  • Service
    Software Development Services
    Software Development Services

    We offer end-to-end software development services using agile and continuous delivery methodologies to get your products to market faster. Our software development services include product development, application transformation, mobile development, microservices, and product maintenance.

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    Software Testing Services
    Software Testing Services

    We offer comprehensive, end-to-end quality assurance services that help you confidently deliver the best products to your customers. We leverage automation to weave testing into the delivery cycle and offer extensive UI and API testing services.

  • Service
    Technology Consulting
    Technology Consulting

    Our consultants can assist across a number of technology use cases, from implementing a GenAI strategy to managing complex integrations.