Technical Assessment Services

Our team takes a deep dive approach to evaluate your company’s platform and provides a transparent perspective on the platform’s needs, how to fix the gaps, and how to prioritize further investment.

The Technical Assessment Business Impact

Our team gets to know your business. We spend time with key stakeholders from your organization to deliver deeper, more actionable insights that you can actually execute. You’ll get…

Observations & Findings

Our team gathers a comprehensive report of findings with a high-level summary that tells you what you need to know about your current technology state.

Implementation Plan

Once we understand risks and opportunities, we put together an outline and roadmap for execution so you can take our recommendations to refine your technology plan.

Value-Added Guidance

With a comprehensive assessment of prospective platforms, you can make educated purchasing decisions and know if a product will add value to your portfolio or not.

Actionable Insights

Easily and quickly add the manpower to get the job done. KMS engineers already know the product and can deliver the most value for your project needs.

Our Technology Assessment Approach

We conduct detailed technical assessments to understand the architecture, technical maturity, engineering approach, and strategic processes within your organization. These assessments inform our recommendations for the technology platform, team processes, and prioritizations.


We determine the type and scope of our initial assessment to meet your needs.


We request artifacts, schedule interviews with stakeholders, and collect data.


We conduct interviews, analyze your data and artifacts, and can perform a code scan.


We prepare and present our transparent findings and recommendations to improve the product.

Your Software Success is Our Priority

We understand that to be competitive, companies need to make quick technology decisions in order to accelerate innovation and meet market demands. We efficiently provide the following deliverables:

Architecture review
Code review, including technical debt levels
Process and tooling
Infrastructure review
Security and performance evaluation
Organization and leadership structure

Invest Wisely with a 360° View Into Your Product.

Maximize business value and make stronger business decisions with our transparent technical assessments.

Our Approach to Software Integration

Know what you’re getting into. We leverage 11 years of experience to ensure that your add-on is more than just a merger press release. KMS does a deep dive into the technology stack of both products to get a full understanding of the architecture and processes.



We evaluate each product to understand functionality and architecture. Based on the results, we develop an integration strategy that includes recommendations on which aspects of each platform to keep, modernize, or eliminate.


Data Integration

Once a platform integration strategy has been determined, a smooth data migration plan is developed. Our expertise and tools prevent bottlenecks during the integration process, enabling data to move accurately and efficiently.

Benefits of Partnering with KMS

KMS Technology is a proven partner to Software Companies and Private Equity Firms, bringing a higher return and exit value through offshore product development and consulting services. As investors and software company operators ourselves, our unique viewpoint positions us to make recommendations that maximize the value of your investments.

Operators and Investors

We don’t just build great software, we are operators and investors ourselves. We have built and launched three leading software companies and know how to create exit value through development.

Senior Level Expertise

The team leading your assessment will include our CTO or executive level consultants, not junior associates. They pull from their years of experience to give thoughtful assessments that maximize your ROI.

Execute Findings

Our suite of services will help you take assessment findings and start working. You won’t waste time finding resources or transferring knowledge because we have the manpower and expertise needed to immediately get to work.

Value We Bring to Investors


driven in client acquisition revenue


invested by PE firms in KMS clients


software clients


PE, VC and GE investors in 50 portfolio companies


of KMS clients have been acquired

Straight From Our Customers

Understand the Current State of Your Product.

The KMS team can guide you through comprehensive assessments with detailed plans on how to improve and get the most out of your investments.

Go Beyond Technical Assessments —

Do More with KMS

  • Technical Due Diligence
    Technical Due Diligence

    Get a deep and analytical look at the product before you invest with our diligence technical assessments. We give investors a vital understanding of the deal you are stepping into, so you know the risks and opportunities before you invest.

  • Pre-Diligence Coaching
    Pre-Diligence Coaching

    Answer buyer questions with confidence. We can guide you through every step of the process, from the initial assessments to comprehensive coaching for buyer meetings, all to improve your value.

  • Cloud Consulting
    Cloud Consulting

    Moving an existing platform to the cloud can be a daunting process with a lot to consider. Our cloud consultants analyze your platform and business goals to create a cloud strategy that is right for your business.

  • Integration Services
    Integration Services

    Our engineers can guide and execute the integration of multiple platforms. Whether your integration is the result of an acquisition, a partnership, or combining two existing products, we can guide the way.