Software Solutions from KMS Technology

Our solutions and services provide skilled offshore teams and expert guidance to help you accelerate delivery cycles, improve product quality, and bring your software technology visions to life. Explore our offerings below.

  • AI & Machine Learning
    AI & Machine Learning

    We have the know-how to take your concept and turn it into a reality. Our engineers can expand upon your existing data to build machine learning models and AI experiences to enhance your customer experience.

  • Cloud Migration Services
    Cloud Migration Services

    By migrating to a cloud platform, you can respond to customer demands more quickly and continuously integrate with new technologies. Reply

  • Data Analytics Solutions
    Data Analytics Solutions

    We build business intelligence solutions for your software products to harness big data and maximize your AI investments. Our data services include data management, storage, and custom reporting solutions.

  • DevOps Services
    DevOps Services

    Integrate DevOps principles into your support structure. This will improve the productivity of your teams and lead to faster troubleshooting and improved service quality.

  • Mobile Application Development
    Mobile Application Development

    Our mobile engineers are ready to build your cross-platform solution. We focus on quality and test on real devices to deliver custom mobile apps.

  • MVP Development
    MVP Development

    KMS Technology can provide a full-scale team to support the entire development lifecycle or fill the gaps in your MVP team. No matter your needs, we follow our proven methodology for ensuring quality and success for your MVP.

  • Platform Modernization
    Platform Modernization

    We modernize the platform of your investment to resolve technical debt and create a scalable, resilient product. That way, your team can focus on innovation rather than upkeep.

  • Software Integration Services
    Software Integration Services

    Our engineers can guide and execute the integration of multiple platforms. Whether your integration is the result of an acquisition, a partnership, or combining two existing products, we can guide the way.

  • Software Maintenance Services
    Software Maintenance Services

    Scale up a new team or development capability almost immediately. We can integrate with your teams at any phase of the development process.

  • Salesforce Development
    Salesforce Development

    KMS can manage complex Salesforce integrations, implementations, and app development for your business.

  • Software Product Engineering
    Software Product Engineering

    We offer end-to-end software development services using agile and continuous delivery methodologies to get your products to market faster. Our software development services include product development, application transformation, mobile development, microservices, and product maintenance.

  • Software Testing
    Software Testing

    Our quality assurance services leverage testing automation to accelerate continuous deployment. By working testing into the delivery cycle, your teams can address issues quickly.

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