Nearshore Software
Development Services

Our Mexico-based nearshore development teams provide specialized skills in
Salesforce & AppExchange services to accelerate your business success.

Nearshore Development Services

Our nearshore teams have extensive experience in building custom Salesforce solutions, helping organizations generate substantial ROI from the platform.

Custom Salesforce Development

Salesforce Customer 360

Software Product Engineering

AppExchange Development

Marketing & Sales Cloud

Data Integrity Services

Salesforce Integrations & Implementations

Einstein AI

How We Meet You in The Development Journey

Whatever the makeup of your software development team, we can extend your capabilities.

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Case #1

I need custom Salesforce solutions

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Case #2

I need a single source of truth for my data

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Case #3

I need to leverage Einstein AI and emerging tech

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Case #4

I need to accelerate time to market


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Our Nearshore Development Success Stories

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is a top U.S. accounting firm founded in 1941. Miller Kaplan delivers accounting, business management, industry metrics and other services to high profile clients.


Miller Kaplan needed a partner that would rescue their implementation project designed to serve multiple business lines. With a failing legacy platform and poor data integrity, Miller Kaplan needed to implement and integrate Salesforce with an ERP system in between tax seasons.


KMS quickly assessed the state of the project and successfully turned around results within 6 weeks. Salesforce was successfully implemented and integrated with the ERP, data was migrated, and teams were trained in Sales Cloud with white glove service.

Increase in user productivity
Increase in sales / revenue
Increase in revenue forecasting accuracy
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specializes in dental practice appraisals, brokerage and sales services to dental practitioners at every stage of their professional careers. ADS Texas was the first to implement, allowing their customizations to be used in a shared package that about half of the brokers are using today.


ADS needed to create a system that all brokers could use on Salesforce. They needed an AppExchange product to automate business processes, reduce manual data entry, integrate with other lead generating systems, and provide better insight into leads and opportunities.


KMS customized Salesforce to fit the needs of ADS Texas and created an AppExchange package that greatly reduced the cost for other ADS brokers to implement Salesforce. Custom integrations were built and made available to all brokers to keep listing data synced between Salesforce and external websites, making Salesforce the single source of truth for data.

Increase in user productivity
Increase in sales / revenue
Increase in revenue forecasting accuracy
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Why Do Businesses Choose Nearshore Development Partners Like KMS?

KMS builds tailored software development teams for your needs.

Tech Talent Pool

Finding the right talent for specialized skills like Salesforce development is challenging, especially given shortages in the US market. Nearshore development opens the door to hard-to-find skills without an exorbitant cost.

Low Attrition Rates

Competitive salaries, teamwork, and a strong technical knowledge base result in higher job satisfaction and low attrition rates, ensuring our teams are committed to working with you for the long haul.

Beyond Code

With over 250 development projects, our clients trust us with revenue-generating software that works. From ideation to market launch, we focus on achieving your business outcomes.

Maximized Budget

The outsourcing cost model allows businesses to avoid recruitment costs and only pay for current project costs. You’ll also get your product to market faster, which means accelerated revenue for your business.

Fast Ramp Up

Instead of spending months on hiring, onboarding, and training new employees, businesses can hit the ground running with fully functional nearshore development teams.

High-Quality Results
Meet Delivery Excellence.

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Ready for Unmatched
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Bring software products to market faster with highly skilled nearshore developers that won’t break your budget.

Nearshore Development FAQs

Nearshore software development refers to contracting out the software development process to a neighboring country like Mexico. Companies that use nearshore software outsourcing generally don’t have an in-house team with the necessary skills or headcount to complete their projects. Instead, these companies hire nearshore developers with the right knowledge and experience, as well as stronger timezone alignment than offshore development.

Nearshore software development is a cost-effective way to quickly access a full team of developers. These teams help to accelerate your delivery cycles, bringing products and features to market faster. Plus, nearshore teams tap into the global talent pool, helping companies quickly staff hard-to-find skills, such as advanced Salesforce capabilities.

At KMS, we evaluate the needs of your project and recommend the size and roles for a successful software development team. Team leads manage the nearshore team, reducing the amount of day-to-day management required of our clients. Additionally, our US-based team members act as liaisons, ensuring a smooth, seamless operation built on deep experience in successfully delivering with an nearshore model.

All KMS employees must achieve a high level of English fluency to work with our US-based clients. We have extensive experience in effective communication on calls and in writing, with US team members on standby to ensure seamless collaboration.