Offshore Software
Development Services

Our dedicated, Vietnam-based offshore development teams provide reliable,
high-quality software development services— all at a competitive cost.

End-to-End Offshore Development Services

What can businesses achieve with offshore software development services? From product development to testing, there’s almost certainly an offshore partner who can help. KMS services include:

What To Expect With Our Offshore Delivery Teams

With 15+ years of deep-rooted development expertise, our Vietnam teams are dedicated to your success.
We can support your existing teams or work as your dedicated engineering team.

Project Managers

QA Testers

Software and Mobile Developers

Data Engineers

AI / ML Experts

Business Analysts & Consultants


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How We Meet You in The Software Development Journey

Wherever you are in the software development lifecycle, we have experts and capabilities for multiple business use cases.

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Case #1

Seeking an experienced development team

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Case #2

Already have a team in-house but need more bandwidth

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Case #3

Looking for specialized emerging tech skills

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Case #4

Need help accelerating our time-to-market

Tap Into Our
Leading Tech Talent Pool.

Why Do Businesses Choose Offshore Development Partners Like KMS?

KMS builds tailored software development teams for your needs.

Tech Talent Pool

Our teams in Vietnam are part of a rapidly growing economy with a technically skilled population, investments in emerging technologies, and high rates of English proficiency.

Low Attrition Rates

Competitive salaries, teamwork, and a strong technical knowledge base result in higher job satisfaction and low attrition rates, ensuring our teams are committed to working with you for the long haul.

Beyond Code

With over 250 development projects, our clients trust us with revenue-generating software that works. From ideation to market launch, we focus on achieving your business outcomes.

Maximized Budget

The outsourcing cost model allows businesses to avoid recruitment costs and only pay for current project costs. You’ll also get your product to market faster, which means accelerated revenue for your business.

Fast Ramp Up

With over 1300+ KMSers globally, we can ramp up a dedicated team immediately, saving you time and money from recruitment efforts and overhead costs.

Customer Perspectives

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Some 3rd party firms I have worked with in the past have felt like hired hands, but KMS takes a different approach. It is a true partnership. I felt the team was part of our organization and everyone was committed to the success of the project.

VP of Customer Success & Development, Izenda

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We needed a responsive, dynamic partner, and KMS has surpassed our expectations. They have provided expertise and insight that has been incredibly valuable to our platform and instrumental in our success. I would highly recommend KMS to anyone for offshoring support.

CTO, Resicap

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KMS has been a key factor in the success of Kelley Blue Book. We are able to flex and scale our engineering capabilities by leveraging the KMS team, which enables us to deliver industry-leading solutions.

VP of Software Engineering, Kelley Blue Book

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At times, KMS was more committed to our success than our internal teams were and we would not have come close to accomplishing what we did without our partnership.

Director of Product Management, HotSchedules

CEO Guide: Navigating the Tech Talent Shortage

Learn how software executives are adapting to tech talent shortages with help from offshore development teams.

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Top-Tier Software Development
Teams at Your Fingertips.

KMS can help you bring software products to market faster with highly skilled offshore developers that won’t break your budget.

Offshore Development FAQs

Offshore software development refers to contracting out the software development process to a third party in an overseas country. Companies that use offshore software outsourcing generally don’t have an in-house team with the necessary skills or headcount to complete their projects. Instead, these companies hire offshore developers with the right knowledge and experience.

Offshore software development is a cost-effective way to quickly access a full team of developers. These teams help to accelerate your delivery cycles, bringing products and features to market faster. Plus, offshore teams tap into the global talent pool, helping companies quickly staff hard-to-find skills, such as coding languages with talent shortages or emerging technologies like Generative AI.

At KMS, we evaluate the needs of your project and recommend the size and roles for a successful software development team. Team leads manage the offshore team, reducing the amount of day-to-day management required of our clients. Additionally, our US-based team members and onsite leads act as liaisons, ensuring a smooth, seamless operation built on 15+ years of experience in successfully delivering with an offshore model.

With 15+ years of experience in offshoring, KMS has developed tried and true processes to ensure timezone alignment is painless and efficient. We leverage a combination of communication tools and careful planning to reduce the burden of evening and early morning calls on both sides, minimizing disruption to your team’s schedule. Our offshore teams have deep experience serving US clients, accommodating US hours, and delivering with efficiency and transparency.

All KMS employees must achieve a high level of English fluency to work with our US-based clients. We have extensive experience in effective communication on calls and in writing, with US team members on standby to ensure seamless collaboration.