An Observation of KMS Culture

Early March 2011, during one training session of the KMS Mid-Level Training Program, I happened to run into a good piece of information that is worth to share with you here. The story went like this. As an assignment from the training program, my group was assigned to present about corporate culture and how important it is. The group decided to send out a survey, collecting thoughts from all participants during the session to see what their thoughts about KMS culture are.

An Observation of KMS Culture - KMS Technology

Photo taken during the team building outing – Mid Level Training Program 2010 – KMS Vietnam

For your information, there were about 30 of us in the session and the survey included two questions, as shown below.

  • What do you perceive about KMS Culture?
  • What else could we do to improve our culture?

Simple enough, isn’t it? The first interesting thing was that we got one special response saying “I don’t know yet”, for the first question. This was either a sign of confusion, or it might be our cultural value that we hesitate to share things. Or it might just simply show our staff’s honest – s/he was saying the truth. Anyway, I would say it was a special one. And below is the result from this short survey for the first question.

An Observation of KMS Culture - KMS Technology

From these responses, I’m glad that it confirms we’re toward building a positive culture at KMS. We respect people, keep our integrity, serve our client well, improve ourselves every day and we have an open/flexible/dynamic working environment. That’s the original wish from the start and now it is confirmed that we’re on the right track. This relates to our excellent performance recorded during 2009 and 2010. As you can recall, we did quite a good job with customer’s satisfaction during those years. We earned 4+ for average rating from client satisfaction’s survey. That was an impressing result that I haven’t seen in all the other companies I had ever worked for. And I think the foundation we have set up through KMS culture can explain for the achievement. We are all set for service business. And we should congratulate ourselves for this.

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