Per Scholas Graduate Joins KMS Technology and Kobiton

It’s no surprise that there is a high demand for technology and IT jobs in Atlanta, as one of the emerging top 5 tech cities in the US. Technology is everywhere, keeping the rest of us up-to-date and working efficiently. The talent is desperately needed here, but scarce, and the Labor Department predicts that the demand for these jobs will only continue to grow in the next decade. Per Scholas, a non-profit dedicated to providing free IT and technology training and valuable skills for their students to find jobs in the tech industry, looks to supply that demand.

Jerome Wallace, Per Scholas graduate
Jerome Wallace

When Jerome Wallace was looking to start up a new career path, he came across Per Scholas and applied. “I was looking for different ways to get IT certifications and found out about the program online. I filled out the application, went for an interview, and had to take a math and comprehensive test.”

The Per Scholas course lasts from eight to nine weeks and covers about twenty chapters in a week. “The program moved at such a fast pace,” said Wallace. “It really made me rethink how I approach new projects. I learned how to think like a corporate IT person and the methodology behind their reasonings.”

After graduation, Wallace got in contact with Josh Lieberman, President of KMS Technology and Board Member of Per Scholas Atlanta, and Kevin Lee, CEO of Kobiton through Per Scholas’ career counselor. Per Scholas partners with employers like KMS and Kobiton, to help graduates find the best job for them. Per Scholas also offers career support to graduates that continues two to three years after graduation to ensure that their graduates are working in roles that are right for them.

“With all the involvement I’ve had in Per Scholas and launching their Atlanta site, it’s really gratifying for me to be able to hire a graduate,” said Lieberman. “I’ve always been impressed with the students I work with while they are in the program. Having the opportunity to work with Jerome first-hand makes me that much more enthusiastic about the program and the great graduates it produces.”

Kobiton team
Kobiton team

Soon after, Wallace started his new role at Kobiton, launched out of KMS Technology’s UpStar Labs incubator program in 2016. Kobiton is a mobile device cloud testing platform that gives developers and businesses access to test different devices.

“The program really prepared me for the work we’re doing at Kobiton,” said Wallace. “Right now, we’re setting up the new data center.”

Lee is also enthusiastic about having a Per Scholas graduate join his team. “We were really impressed with Jerome here at Kobiton. He’s combined his previous experience with mobile devices with what he learned at Per Scholas and has really brought our services to the next level.”

“My experience with Per Scholas was really positive. They give you all the tools and resources you need to help you understand the work,” said Wallace. “I would definitely recommend anyone to the program. You have to work hard to make the most of it, but it’s worth it.”

Per Scholas at KMS Technology
Per Scholas at KMS Technology

With new skills and a new job at a fast-growing startup, Wallace is looking ahead to the future. “I definitely feel confident that Per Scholas helped me find a great career path. I’m looking forward to growing with the Kobiton team.”

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