Why Da Nang?

In recent years, Da Nang has been growing fast and emerging as a promising IT market, following in the footsteps of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi city. Da Nang has a strong IT talent pool, good infrastructure, and active support from the government. Over the last few years, KMS Technology has been searching for places where we can contribute and add value to the IT community. After considering all that Da Nang has to offer, we knew it was a perfect match.

What We See In Da Nang

  • A young, growing IT community that we can invest in and help develop.
  • A dynamic pool of IT talent that would benefit from the professional opportunities at KMS.
  • Promising technology teams that would grow and excel working on our global-scale projects.


We are so excited to join Vietnam’s worth-living city and bring a professional, fun workplace and new career opportunities to the IT talent in Da Nang.

Office grand opening on
December 16, 2019

5th Floor, VNPT Building
346, 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District

Collaborative space
for 100 people


Find opportunities that best fit you and your friends. Thank-you bonus applies.

*Thank you bonus is our thanks for your efforts to find and recommend new members to the KMS family.



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*KMS is honored among the Best Places To Work in Vietnam & the world:


  • Take on new challenges

  • Learn U.S. best practices

  • Make a lasting impact

From our world-class software projects to our global clients.

Some of methodologies we use:

AgileScrumScale Scrum (Nexus, LeSS)KanbanCAFe


Our open, collaborative and well-equipped offices create a productive and relaxing work environment.

Exciting company events

We treat our employees for every special occasion and holiday and offer 1 company trip and 2 team-building activities each year to help you connect with your coworkers.


With over 10 years of experience in the U.S. market, we can help you reach your full potential through training on new, trending technologies, U.S. best practices, and in-demand soft skills.

Plus, onsite opportunities to HCMC and the US will definitely be the rocket fuel to your career.

Software/Solution Architect Development Program (SADP)

QA Architect Development Program (QAADP)


Combo Health + Social Insurance

Premium Health Insurance: We cover insurance not just for you, but also for your beloved family members.
Social Insurance: We cover social insurance on 100% of your salary.

Flexible work/life balance

We give you the flexibility to take the time you need for your personal life. So when you are here, you can put your whole heart into your work.

18+ annual leaves

Life is about more than working year-round. We offer you plenty of days off throughout the year so you can lead a balanced life and keep your creativity flowing.

Competitive Salary

Not only do we offer you a competitive salary, but we hold Performance Reviews twice a year, so there are regular opportunities to grow your career.


We believe that every KMSer has a story worth telling. Humans of KMS is a project dedicated to capturing those stories and giving you a snapshot into the daily life of the people that make up KMS. So get inspired and learn a bit more about the culture and people of KMS.


    “Deadline could be stressful at that moment but it helped me further develop to become a better version of myself in a long term.”

    As the needs of our company, I was assigned a task to build a tool that can analyze and evaluate source codes to see whether it is qualified. On top of that, I was also responsible for making suggestions to improve them. My biggest challenge, like other people, was the time frame and technical knowledge limitation. Our team was pretty small so I had to learn to solve most of the problems myself. That and the deadline drove me stressful and even made me sick. But after a rest at home, I came to think that the deadline could be very stressful now but it will end up helping me develop further and become a better version of myself in a long term.


    “On my first working day, I got to meet and talk with someone who is extremely friendly, genuine without knowing that he’s the Managing Director.”

    My first day of work was on Wednesday – fruit day at KMS. I was asked to bring a fruit dish to a room. I haven’t had my Orientation at that time so I had no idea who he was or what was his position. I remember my first impression of him was his geniality and kindness. He genuinely asked about my work and my feeling during the first day. It was not until he introduced himself as the Director that I became shocked. I can’t express just how lucky I am to be able to work at KMS, where there is no gap or distinction of position.


    “The success of a product is similar to playing puzzles”.

    I have a strong preference for the diversity of cultures and talents, as it can bring outcome-products with multiple perspectives and insights. A perfect picture must contain all aspects regarding ingredients and human-factors. As for the balance between personalities and working methods among team members, I believe it depends on viewpoints. If you focus on their strengths, give encouragement, support them so they strive to contribute, then the results will be positive. Only when a direction is set can collective culture be found. Within an appropriate environment, individuals can develop their skills, mindsets and cultural behaviors, etc. This process is just as important as creating a complete product or having a successful project.


    What I like most about KMS is the ideal workspace with full facilities, beautiful decorations & internal activities, which provide lots of inspiration.

    What I like most about KMS is the ideal workspace with full facilities, beautiful decorations & internal activities, which provide lots of inspiration. The office is divided into different working corners for employees to choose freely, so that avoiding feeling restless due to sitting at one place in a long time. This flexibility has helped me many times to get rid of impasse feelings and come up with innovative ideas for the job!


    “As people get familiar with the environment, they may no longer appreciate it…”

    I remember the early days working at KMS, I was so surprised and amazed by the environment here. I mean I had known about the supportive work environment before, but I’m still amazed greatly with the way that the tea ladies and the security guards always welcome me with a smile. They even remember my name and my… license plate. I feel like I’m in my second home. Sometimes I have to work overtime quite late at night but I’ve never felt too tired or lonely since there will always be some teammates there. They don’t need to help much actually, just the fact that they proactively stay to support me is already enough. I truly feel grateful about the environment here at KMS, as well as the way people keep it throughout the years.

  • DUY LE

    “Travel from country to country to come back to Vietnam, together with the Vietnamese discover Vietnam potential”

    Over 19 years in the industry, in various management positions and more than 13 countries, it’s very interesting that I decided to return and work in Vietnam, at KMS. I’ve always wanted to build something new with the potential of the Vietnamese people. I don’t like the concept of performance management, but performance improvement. I believe everyone is more potential and capable of doing more than what they think. It’s the leader’s job to challenge and help them break their limits to grow. Also, the structure of a team shouldn’t be too complex but rather flatter, result oriented. Everything is transparent, people can discuss and work frankly with each other.


    “I was completely blown away with the ‘lights-off’ mode of the office during lunch hour – something that I look forward to, each time I visit Vietnam!”

    One of my most favorite memories has definitely been my first visit to the Vietnam offices. Every time I came here, I actually felt very welcomed as a part of the family. Although everyone had a lot of things to do, they always stopped to say hello with sweet smiles. And until now, I was completely blown away with the “lights-off” mode of the office during lunch hour – something that I look forward to, each time I visit Vietnam. And here, my fellow, KMSers with their “Why Not” attitude always makes me feel excited about our future: together we continue finding newer, innovative solutions for our clients by our service offerings as well as the software solutions that we are building.


    “To be able to see the company has grown from just a dozen to a thousand people now is truly something. That makes you want to be more than just a part of it.

    I had many jobs before joining KMS not long after the company was established. Those who ran this company and the people who worked here were skillful, they somehow developed the company’s own culture, unlike the other out there. Here, it’s common to see managers take care of the employees, who can be security guards or cleaners. Also, there was a time that the company had a major “backache issue” due to uncomfortable chairs. In an instant, the managers decided to replace all of those chairs with new more comfortable ones, which motivated us a lot to work even better. Those things made me very appreciated the chance to be a KMS member.


  • “When we started the company Vietnamese engineers were excellent, but oftentimes our products could not reach the global market. So I decided to return and start my own business. With high confidence in the quality of Vietnamese people, I had a huge desire to create opportunities for those talents. After years of development in Vietnam, the KMS technical team is now more competitive and I want to take that advantage to further create more Vietnamese-based technology solutions to offer to the world”.

    Vu Lam, CEO
  • “I still remember the early years of the business, the company was still small with little limited budget, yet we strove to protect the employees at our best, such as offering global-standard medical insurance for them and their relatives. At that time, someone once voiced an opinion about prioritizing engineers and managers. I rejected immediately, as everyone working here is all equal regarding receiving the best treatments and benefits. Engineers, security guards or cleaners, they have their own roles to fill; and to do that, they certainly require perfect health”.

    Viet-Hung Nguyen, Corporate Advisor
  • “My definition of success is neither social status nor income, but a sense of pride in my achievements. Such truth is universal no matter what roles you play in a business, whether an engineer, a project manager or even a CEO”.

    Dai Tran, Managing Director
  • Da Nang is considered a new vital center of Vietnam’s IT industry, with great potential both in resources and expertise. By expanding the business to Da Nang, together with other players in the IT industry, KMS wishes to develop an IT workforce in the Central, generating more opportunities through international projects and the latest technologies. As a result, KMS will be able to enhance the reputation among global clients regarding superior service quality and human resources”.

    Hieu Nguyen, Head of KMS Da Nang