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Deliver Technology Solutions that Drive Healthcare Forward

We empower healthcare technology companies to build, test, and sustain cutting-edge platforms. Accelerate development and scale your teams to meet industry demands and get to market faster.

We Enable Healthcare Software Companies to Scale

Our services and industry-leading expertise help healthcare companies deliver innovative solutions and stay ahead of industry regulations.

Test Automation

Accelerate development and team velocity while achieving faster time-to-value.

Emerging Technologies

Utilize conventional AI, machine learning, voice and emotional sensitivity, and more.

Interoperability Acceleration

Robust HL7 and FHIR Server technology is ready for the most complex application needs.

EMR & EHI Expertise

Leverage deep domain knowledge to develop patient-centered mobile and web applications, and integrate applications into patient workflows.

Complexity Reduction

Use digital transformation application accelerators to simplify FHIR API integration and SMART on FHIR application development.

Delivering Innovative Solutions to Healthcare Leaders

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Our Healthcare Software Development Services

With over a decade of healthcare domain expertise and some of the best technologists in the industry, our consulting and development services are designed to streamline workflows and get your product to market faster.

  • Consulting & Assessments
    Consulting & Assessments

    Understand your tech stack, needs, areas of strength, and vulnerabilities. Receive actionable plans for leveragability and remediation.

  • Mobile Apps
    Mobile Apps

    Simplify and enhance the health journey for patients and medical professionals with a custom digital experience that puts all of their electronic health information and care plans right in their hands

  • Data Analytics
    Data Analytics

    Unlock insights, links, and inferences in patient data that improve the patient’s journey and health outcomes with their care team.

  • AI & Machine Learning
    AI & Machine Learning

    Harness the power of AI to gain competitive advantage and deliver an innovative experience providers and patients have come to expect.

  • Automation

    Spend more time focused on developing personalized, custom patient care software products and less time on collecting and analyzing data and test results.

  • EHR Integration
    EHR Integration

    Create a data exchange system that improves care delivery and the patient and healthcare provider experience by simplifying the care journey through seamless data access.

  • Regulatory Compliance
    Regulatory Compliance

    Strengthen adherence to HIPAA and other guidelines for protecting patient health information. Reduce the risk of data exposure by using the best healthcare security technologies and disciplines.

  • Software Testing
    Software Testing

    Weave quality assurance and automated testing throughout the entire healthcare software development lifecycle. This will accelerate your time to market, reduce costs, and deliver the highest quality products.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions at Your Fingertips.

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Our Success with Healthcare Software Companies


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Why KMS as Your Healthcare Software Development Partner

We are the software and testing team behind some of today’s leading healthcare software solutions. This experience coupled with successfully launching our own successful software companies gives our team a unique perspective that other providers lack.

Expertise in HL7 and FHIR development and integration
Deep understanding of the complexities of EHR implementation
Guidance on requirements for global interoperability
Engineers to modernize your platform or scale development
Automation expertise to improve confidence in quality
Knowledge to implement cutting-edge AI/ML technologies

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