Dai Tran

Managing Director

Dai Tran is the Managing Director at KMS Technology Vietnam where he is responsible for the entire KMS operation in Vietnam. He joined KMS in 2010 because he wanted to work in a company where everything is geared toward innovation and delivery of quality products.

Dai has more than 20 years of experience in software development and has worked on many types of products, technologies and business models. He has worked in Korea, Canada and the United States and has a deep-rooted understanding of many cultures, businesses and industry standards. With his diverse experience and skill set, at KMS, Dai has successfully gone through several different roles, including Software Architect, Account Manager, Testing Head and Delivery Head, wherever he is needed. Currently, he is in the Managing Director role, overseeing the entire operation of KMS in Vietnam.

Dai received a BS degree from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, where he majored in Computer Science. He completed his Executive MBA Program at Shidler School of Business (University of Hawaii at Manoa) in 2015. He is also a board member of VN IT Outsourcing Association. Dai lives in HCMC, Vietnam, with his wife and two adorable kids.

Dai has a strong commitment to do the right thing and through his leadership, his team has built an unparalleled dedication to solving our customer’s toughest challenges and having pride in their work.