Du Nguyen

Senior VP of Software Services

Du Nguyen is the Senior VP of Software Services responsible for strategically growing delivery operations, and leveraging the offshore model and talent pool in Vietnam. Du joined the company in 2009 as the head of a 20-engineer delivery team where he was responsible for quality and delivery of the company’s outsourcing services. He successfully led the team to deliver high value products to all clients and grew his team to 200-engineers by the end of 2011. During this time, he was promoted to Vice President of Delivery in July 2010.


Prior to KMS, Du began his career as a software engineer in 2000 for CSC Vietnam (a.k.a FCG Vietnam and PSV). He grew his career through a variety of positions such as software designer, technical lead, project manager, program manager, and delivery director in a few top software outsourcing vendors in HCMC, Vietnam. Du has in-depth understanding about the service model for onshore/offshore software development, specifically servicing the US market.

Du currently lives in HCMC, Vietnam, with his wife, daughter and son. He received a BS degree from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, majored in Computer Science.

Du’s principle notion toward success is to treat people with dignity in every situation and to ultimately believe in the good of people first and foremost.