Kaushal Amin

Chief Technology Officer

Kaushal Amin, Chief Technology Officer, leads KMS’s long-term technology vision, processes, building technical resource pools, university collaborations, and industry thought leadership. He also facilitates and promotes the technical community within KMS.

Kaushal joined KMS in 2011, seeking a more agile company with smart people, a customer caring culture, and steady growth.  He works out of the KMS Atlanta office.

Prior to joining KMS, Kaushal spent 22 years leading product development engineering organizations at IBM, Intel, LexisNexis, McKesson, and several startups. Over those years, Kaushal’s teams have launched innovative technology driving disruptive products within Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Public Safety, and Telecommunication industries.

In order to be successful in his role, Kaushal practices the following:
– Highly self-motivated to stay on track with a fast-paced and hectic schedule.
– Manage time and priorities instead of them managing you.
– Great sense of humor to create a balanced and fun work environment.

Kaushal graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, where his research focused on Robotics.  In his spare time, Kaushal enjoys watching his favorite sports teams, Atlanta United and Atlanta Falcons.

Kaushal-Amin-Chief Technology Officer - KMS Technology

Kaushal truly enjoys working with technology and thrives when it is used in a positive manner to help businesses, employees, and customers.