KMS Solutions partners with locus to help regional enterprises optimise Last-Mile delivery


This article originally appeared in Forbes Vietnam. The translated version is below.

Ho Chi Minh City, May 18, 2020 – KMS Solutions announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Locus – a software company pioneering deep-tech supply chain solutions, to introduce Locus’ smart logistics software to the Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia markets. This alliance aims to offer regional enterprises the technologies needed to enhance efficiency, transparency, and consistency in last-mile delivery and the overall supply chain operations.

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Evolutions in omnichannel retailing has led to rise in demand for delivery services, which makes last-mile logistics a key area of investment for enterprises, especially for those in retail, e-commerce, and distribution. In January, the World Economic Forum projected that global demand for last-mile delivery is going to escalate, reaching a growth rate of 78% by 2030.

However, this last phase of the supply chain is a huge cost driver, accounting for over 40% of total supply chain costs, reported by Capgemini. Thus, it remains a problem to most retailers, e-commerce businesses, and distributors how they could offset last-mile delivery costs while satisfying the demand for fast, if not, on-time deliveries. 

“To solve the last-mile delivery challenge, enterprises increasingly employ innovative logistics solutions such as Route Optimization,” said Mrs. Seema Bhandari, Partnership Director at Locus. In a recent survey by Retail Touchpoints, 49% of executives have applied route optimization software to address the complex challenges that last-mile delivery presents, while 20% are planning to adopt it within 18 months. Additionally, the Asia Pacific route optimization market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 17.43% over the period of 2019-2024 according to Research and Markets.

With built-in machine learning and proprietary algorithms, Locus’ route optimization software recommends the most efficient routes for delivery, meaning the routes that allow drivers to deliver the most items in the shortest time, and with the lowest cost.

For last-mile delivery alone, Locus’s route optimization software can benefit retailers, e-commerce businesses, and distributors in the following ways:

  • Enhance Shipment Visibility 
  • Optimize Delivery Routes
  • Improve Transparency 
  • Boost Customer Engagement
  • Enhance Flexibility in Delivery
  • Boost Productivity and Scalability

Through the new partnership with Locus, KMS Solutions is going to consult and implement a number of Locus’ software products, such as Route Optimization, Real-time Tracking, Last-mile delivery, and Analytics. All are hand-picked for the software company’s clients in Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. This partnership underscores KMS Solutions’ commitment to equipping enterprises in the region with the latest technologies it takes to streamline last-mile delivery and supply chain operations.

“KMS Solutions is delighted to partner with Locus. We look forward to combining the brilliance of Locus’s solutions with KMS’s expertise and local support. Our tie-up with Locus will offer comprehensive supply chain solutions to enterprises based in the region, giving them the capabilities required to digitize supply chain operations,” said Mr. Le Tran Bao Duy, General Director of KMS Solutions.

About KMS Solutions:

KMS Solutions works closely with leading software companies across the globe to bring the most advanced and innovative technologies to Asia-Pacific. The focus is to help organizations achieve their business goals through world-class fit-for-purpose solutions and proven industry best practices. KMS Solutions’ success is ultimately measured by the positive impact that it makes on the client’s business.

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About Locus:

Locus is a deep-tech platform that automates human decisions in the supply chain to provide efficiency, transparency, and consistency in logistics operations.

Locus uses deep machine learning and proprietary algorithms to offer smart logistics solutions like route optimization, real-time tracking, insights & analytics, beat optimization, efficient warehouse management, vehicle allocation, and utilization. Locus powers more than two million deliveries daily across the globe.

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