Top Five Cross-Platform Testing Issues


Mush Honda, Vice President of Testing  for KMS Technology, discusses the Top Five Cross-Platform Testing Issues.

Anyone developing a software application today is going to run into some serious cross-platform challenges during testing. It may be expected to run on a host of different devices and hardware configurations, including smartphones, servers, laptops, smartwatches, and more. The variety of devices in the smartphone category alone is overwhelming.

You also must consider the underlying operating systems, the drivers, and the browsers. Fragmentation means that there are often multiple versions to contend with. Only 0.3% of users have the latest version of Google’s Android (7.0 Nougat), for example, and even the previous version (6.0 Marshmallow) only accounts for 24% of users at the time of this writing.

The possible permutations when you put hardware and software together are staggering and that can cause some tricky issues. Here are the topics covered in Mush’s article:

  1. User Interface Consistency
  2. Inputs and Interactions
  3. Data and Storage
  4. Security and Compliance
  5. Meeting User Expectations


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