Kicking Off A Year of Platform Modernization

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So, chances are if you are here…you might be looking to modernize your legacy platform. Well, you have come to the right place! Over the next 12 months, this blog series will cover everything you need to know about platform modernization.

What is Platform Modernization, you ask? How will modernizing your platforms impact your business and improve your bottom line? We’ve got you covered! Check out our White Paper on Platform Modernization and hear the perspective of over 150 industry leaders.

Reading this while you wait for your latte at Starbucks? The short of it is: Platform Modernization is the process of taking an antiquated (and often high-maintenance) legacy platform and updating the application using modern programming languages. Modernization streamlines product maintenance, allows for integration with cloud-based technologies, and ultimately improves time-to-market. Read: If done right, platform modernization means less headache and more revenue.

Ok, this all sounds great, but what exactly will we be covering in this series? We are so glad you asked! By the end of this blog series, you will have a blueprint on how to effectively modernize your platform, all while taking into consideration how to prepare your team and simultaneously modernize your testing strategy.


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Want more details? Here is the timeline of topics we will cover:

February: Modernizing Your Team While Modernizing Your Platform

Our blog series kicks off with developing a team training plan to use during modernization and once the project wraps up. We’ll also show you how to identify and implement your ideal testing workflows. This post will help set your team up with the tools and skills they need for a smooth transition to a new platform. We’re positive they will thank you for it!

March: Assess Your Current State

Are you planning to renovate your house without first determining what needs to be updated? No? Good. Use that same commonsense approach for your legacy platform!

Our March blog will discuss how to effectively assess your platform’s strengths and weaknesses and create a targeted plan of action so you’ll know exactly where to begin.

April: Adopting a Data-First Mindset

Show me the numbers! Data is a foundational component to all products. In April, we will show you how to adopt a data-first mindset. We’ll walk you through how to develop strategies and identify tools that will help you build your new application and effectively manage (and test with) your test data.

May: How to Choose Your Cloud Provider

Moving to the cloud? In our May blog, we’ll walk you through key factors to consider when choosing a cloud provider. We’ll also talk about how this partner impacts your testing workflows and speed of delivery.

June: CI/CD Pipeline

Do you find yourself asking, “What is a CI/CD pipeline?” If so, then this blog is for you. In June, we’ll discuss what the CI/CD pipeline is and why you should care. We’ll go over the latest CI/CD pipeline tools that enable your developers to quickly and confidently deliver product changes. Want more? We’ll also talk about how to leverage the pipeline for effective and fast testing. Speed AND quality? What’s not to love?

July: Modernizing Your User Interface

Alright, you are modernizing your platform. That’s great! But, if your User Interface (UI) experience is awful, what’s the point? In July, we’ll discuss how to not only improve your customer experience but how to effectively test it to make sure it’s market ready.

August: Strategies for Modernizing Your Integration Layer AND Performance Testing

August is a double whammy! This month we’ll explore different ways to improve how you manage test integrations and data movement within your product. We’ll also show you the best practices for performance testing, so you can ensure your platform is quick, responsive, and stable.

September: Building an Effective API Strategy

Scratching your head wondering what an API is? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered. In our September blog, we’ll discuss what an API is and how to build an effective API strategy. Plus, we’ll offer tips and tricks for successful API testing.

October: Pulling The Plug On Your Legacy Application? Will it Come Back to Haunt You?

It may be a weird way to celebrate Halloween…but, in October, we’ll let you know how to lay your legacy application to rest. This post will include tips on developing end-of-life strategies for your old platforms. We’ll also recommend how to transition your testing model from your legacy application to ensure quality monitoring of your old platform and pre-emptive test coverage for the new one.

November: Everyone is Coming to the Table – Is Your Turkey Ready?

You’ve done it! Your platform is modernized….but now what? Well, this is the fun part. In November, we’ll tell you how to make sure you’re market ready with your new, modernized product! Make sure to give thanks to your team and get a bigger turkey (maybe a few extra)! You’ll have a lot of new faces to feed.

December: You Made a List, Did You Check it Twice?

In December, we’ll look back at the series and try to answer any questions we may have missed throughout the year. Of course, we cannot let the year end without a look forward. In this blog, we will discuss where to focus next once you have successfully modernized your application.

On the edge of your seat and simply cannot wait to learn more? We thought that might be the case. In the meantime, be sure to head over to our blog to read about how to leverage Test Automation for Platform Modernization and check our infographic on the Top Factors to Consider when modernizing your platform.

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