NOC, NOC. Who’s There? Vietnam!

Cat’s out of the bag, Vietnam has quietly emerged as a leader in the technology offshoring market. Forbes called the location, ‘a small but mighty powerhouse,’ citing the country’s fast-growing economy and highly skilled and adaptive workforce.

Today we want to dive deeper into this conversation and look specifically at the benefits of outsourcing NOC to understand why Vietnam is an ideal outsourcing destination for the service.


Let’s start with the basics, what is NOC?

A Network Operation Center (NOC) is a central location from which an organization monitors, troubleshoots, and maintains its network.

If you are envisioning the mission control room from Star Trek, you are not too far off. Although a bit less intergalactic, a NOC follows the same general principle.

Oftentimes NOC is housed in a room with one wall lined in computer screens displaying performance metrics. From this space, NOC engineers sit behind their monitors, analyzing network operations, making updates where necessary and proactively preventing or responding to alerts.

Typically a NOC team would be responsible for network security, regularly updating any applications connected to the network, and even responding to performance bottlenecks. It is important that NOC engineers are well trained and adept to take on a variety of tasks.


So, why Outsource NOC?

Outsourcing NOC allows companies to take advantage of professional teams fully equipped with NOC tools, knowledge, and experience, without having to build the infrastructure internally.

For most companies, there are two key benefits to outsourcing NOC: 24/7 coverage and lower operating costs.

  1. 24/7 NOC Coverage
    Today’s technology does not power down at the close of business each day or rest on the weekend. Therefore, your NOC coverage should not either. Outsourcing NOC enables companies to have 24/7/365 coverage without having to staff an around the clock on-shore team.Even if you do not fully outsource NOC operations, exploring offshore partners in different timezones will help expand coverage, without burdening your team with overnight shifts.
  2. Lower cost of offshoring NOC
    Outsourcing to companies that specialize in NOC save your organization the cost and time to build NOC infrastructure and train new or existing team members on NOC operations. While these savings are in part from the lower cost of labor, savings also stem from the base knowledge NOC specialist companies have.For example, KMS experts have thorough knowledge and vast experience running NOC operations. This expertise includes developing a playbook, automating tasks, communicating with clients, scheduled maintenance tasks, and more.Furthermore, offshoring can expand the technical aptitude of your team and a good partner will pair you with engineers who best fit your network needs.


A solid, outsourced NOC team is a win-win for companies. First, they can ensure that their applications are continually monitored, updated when necessary, and the information is secure. This ensures a smooth and secure experience for end-users, allowing you to better retain customers and maintain a positive reputation in your market, potentially leading to new clients.

Additionally, the cost savings and increased team bandwidth that comes with outsourcing NOC free up resources to explore new initiatives.


Why Outsource NOC to Vietnam?

The answer to this question is easy. First, Vietnam easily checks off the two goals of outsourcing NOC in the first place, cost and coverage. Additionally, Vietnam also comes with the benefit of an exceptionally high-quality workforce.

Coverage – Depending on where you are located in the United States (and daylight savings time), Vietnam’s time 11 – 15  hours ahead of the continental US. This difference in time translates to a difference in working hours. By coupling a US-based home team with a Vietnam based offshoring team, you can truly achieve 24/7 coverage without significantly impacting employees work-life balance.

Cost – Hiring engineers in the United States can cost between $50-$300 per hour. The steep price tag makes offshoring services pretty appealing. Comparing the cost to other outsourcing leaders, it is clear that Vietnam offers the best average price.

Want to see how else Vietnam compares to other top offshore providers? Check out our infographic comparing Vietnam to India and Ukraine.

High-Quality Workforce – While the cost and coverage benefits of Vietnam likely satisfy your goals in looking for an offshore NOC provider, an additional benefit is the top-notch workforce. According to PwC’s Spotlight on Viet Nam, the country is projected to be the fastest growing economy for the next 30 years. The reports also showed that since 2010, the country has surpassed India, Philippines, and Thailand for high technology exports. These strides are largely due to a dynamic young workforce (45% under 30) that is highly educated with specialized skills. Needless to say, outsourcing to Vietnam will not only save money but the country also offers the most value of other offshoring options.


It’s clear to see why the industry is raving about Vietnam as the next offshoring leader and providing NOC solutions is no different. The bottom line is Vietnam is a value-driven option for NOC offshore support and a great option for companies looking to outsource the service.


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