Kickstart Development

A KMS offering built for smaller teams that helps companies accelerate their time-to-market at an affordable cost.

About Our Program

Our Kickstart Development offering provides early-stage product companies, startups, and small teams the ability to scale and quickly take their ideas to market as they grow. KMS will facilitate resources with commercial-grade software expertise at a reasonable price point. Our teams are equipped with 13+ years of experience and knowledge in well-defined technology stacks.

How It Works

You can expect high-quality work and cost-effective pricing during each month of engagement. Our teams will help design, develop, test, and deploy your product.

Two industry-leading tech stacks to choose from
Project duration is 1-6 months
3-4 resources based on the tech stack you choose
Vietnam-based team with US oversight
Opportunity to expand to ongoing, traditional team

Kickstart Your Product Development Today.

Contact us to learn more and speak with someone from our team.

The KMS Business Impact

We aim to grow with you as your business scales. From small teams to larger, ongoing engineering teams, KMS can support you every step of the way.

Drive Innovation

Bring your software visions to life by leveraging emerging technologies, automated testing, and unmatched development.

Accelerate Speed to Market

Scale quickly and achieve continuous delivery cycles to outpace your competitors with faster speed to market.

Support Your Small Teams

We’ll fill your talent gaps, be an extension of your team, and enhance project capabilities with external experienced developers.

Fair Pricing Models

Our program allows smaller teams and startups to develop quality products for their business without breaking the bank.

Is Our Kickstart Offering Right For You?

Your business is a good fit if you meet one of the following criteria:

You’re an earlier stage company with limited budget and internal resources
You have a software idea and need to prove a product-market fit
You’ve built a product but need help testing it and making it scale
You have funding and are ready to fully build out a new product, just need the team to help do it
You need experts with specific technical language experience and don’t have time for internal recruiting

Benefits of Our Fixed Model

Quicker Product Creation

A fixed team with a technology stack niche allows us to build high-quality products more quickly, getting you to market faster and increasing revenue.

Different From the Rest

Our package gives smaller organizations the opportunity to build products at affordable prices, differentiating us from other software development companies. 

Deep Domain Expertise

You’re in good hands. KMS has over a decade of experience and knowledge in our specifically-selected, future-proof technologies.

Continued Support

As you scale, we can scale with you and ramp up bigger teams of engineers. We’ll know your business inside and out and can be with you from creation and deployment to modernization and continuous maintenance.