[Infographic] Offshore Product Development For PE, VC, and GE Backed Companies

At KMS, we specialize in software development consulting, custom software development, and software testing, for Venture Capital, Growth Equity, and Private Equity backed software companies. We put together an infographic highlighting our worrk with these types of companies.




Infographic covering KMS software development consulting services and offshore product development for Venture Capital, Growth Equity, and Private Equity Backed Software Companies. The box on the left gives the KMS company profile: Private US Company with offices in Atlanta, Irving, and Ho Chi Minh City. Greater than 1000 employees, software product incubator, 4 software companies incubated including QASymphony which was sold to Insight Venture Partners. The box on the right answers "Why KMS?" Increase company value with 57% of KMS customers having successful exits, increased competitiveness with 14 platforms modernized, teams scale between 10-150, 94% of KMS customers who give KMS strategic initiatives.

Let our expertise help increase the value of one of your portfolio copanies or your PE-backed software company.




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