If Mai Thuong – a disadvantaged student from Quang Tri province, Vietnam – hadn’t chosen to study IT, she would have encountered many difficulties finding a  job in her hometown due to her weak physical condition.

In May, Mai Thuong and two other students from Central Vietnam successfully secured a 4-month internship with a program organized by Katalon Studio (a product incubated by KMS Technology) in partnership with the Non-governmental Organization Passerelles numériques Vietnam (PNV). The sponsorship covered all the expenses, including round trip flights from Danang to Ho Chi Minh city, living expenses, and training for their four months living in Ho Chi Minh city.

Hardships don’t hinder passion

Born in a poor village of Quang Tri province with congenital leg defects, Le Thi Mai Thuong (22 years old) suffered many limitations compared to her friends. Due to her family’s financial difficulties, her mother has to work hard to raise Thuong and her sister. Her family’s income is quite unstable, relying mainly on a 1500 square meter paddy field.

The first time Thuong learned about computers in secondary school, she was excited and became interested in it immediately. The more she learned, the more she wanted to explore. Her passion was so strong that she hoped to become a qualified IT engineer in the future. However, this felt like just a dream because Thuong never thought she would be able to receive proper training from a professional institute to become an IT engineer.

Luckily, the door to a brighter future opened up to Thuong when she was granted a scholarship by Passerelles numériques Vietnam (PNV), which covered all her living and education expenses for three years.

“I was so happy when I got the news. From now on, my future will be more secure. I can get a proper education without bothering my mom with the tuition,” Mai Thuong shared.

A woman sits in front of a computer working in an office. A pink coffee cup sits on her desk.
Mai Thuong was glad to join the 4-month internship at Katalon.


To secure the internship at Katalon, Mai Thuong and other interns put a lot of effort into the application process. She passed many rounds of interviews with Katalon’s teams, which evaluated both her technical and soft skills. Katalon maintains its high recruitment standards to ensure that they select qualified talent and provide them with the opportunity to sharpen their skills in a corporate environment. 

Taking part in developing international standard software

Mai Thuong joined Katalon as an intern for the software testing team for Katalon Studio. In the first month, she learned about the product, its system, and its protocols. After her training, she worked directly with developers and other related teams.

With her positive performance, Mai Thuong was entrusted with major tasks and played vital roles in the project’s development.

“Before joining Katalon, I thought I would only be assigned minor tasks, mainly to get myself accustomed to the job. But when I worked here, I was treated as an official employee who was responsible for actual tasks, which was beyond my expectations,” Mai Thuong shared about her work experience at Katalon.

The more involved she was, the more she realized what she was lacking when she was at college. Thanks to the internship at Katalon and the dedicated support of her colleagues, she got the chance to improve her soft skills beyond technical knowledge. For example, she was often encouraged by her mentor to present in front of her teammates about her work.

“At the beginning, I was afraid that I would be discriminated against due to my lack of expertise. But gradually, with positive feedback received from my team, I surpassed my insecurities and became more confident.”

Mai Thuong’s days at Katalon brought her not only knowledge about the IT industry but also unforgettable memories with her coworkers. Ever since the very first day, she was warmly welcomed by her colleagues. Her mentor took great care of her personal life such as teaching her how to commute using the bus and regularly checking on her new life in Ho Chi Minh City, knowing that this was her first time setting foot in such a big city.

People sit in an office working at their computers. A large mural of a squid is painted on the wall behind the employees.
Mai Thuong always gets support from her colleagues.


“My internship at Katalon is such a remarkable milestone in my life. I had a chance to learn many new things and improve myself significantly. As the end of my internship is approaching, if destiny allows, I would be very delighted to continue my journey here; otherwise, I am already blessed for the opportunity of having met and worked with my colleagues at Katalon,” Mai Thuong shared.

It would be incomplete not to mention the benefit Thuong had when working in such a multicultural environment. She got to know many cultures which helped her look at things with a more well-rounded and diverse perspective. Additionally, it was also a great opportunity for her to meet, work, and interact with excellent students from prestigious domestic and foreign universities.

“We believe that giving back to society means more than just providing financial support. It also means creating sustainable changes that give these students the chance to walk on their own feet in the future. I believe that the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their internship at Katalon will be a valuable “fishing rod” for them to gain future success,” said Mr. Tran Kien Uy – Managing Director of Katalon.

This article was originally published by Zing News

Virtual Job Consultation App Wins 1st Place in 2018 KMS Hackathon Programming Competition


HCMC, July 19th, 2018 – 2018 KMS Hackathon programming competition, with the topic “Software Concepts Addressing Unemployment in Vietnam and around the World”, has officially announced the final results. The championship belongs to a virtual robot chat app that assists students and employees to orientate their careers and get acquainted with job interview situations. On this occasion, other prizes were also awarded, with the total prize of $ 10,000, and the opportunity to call for investment from both domestic and foreign investors.


KMS Hackathon 2018, organized by KMS Technology Vietnam on July 14th and 15th, with the topic of 30-hour hacking to resolve unemployment, has officially completed. Having surpassed 500 entrants, GameChangers – a team of five young talented programmers with their intelligent virtual chatting and job consulting solution has become the KMS Hackathon first season’s champion.  


The product is built with an intelligent chatbot, combined with AI-machine learning and then integrated into Facebook. When users provide their information, the application will automatically analyze and generate questionnaires for mock interviews based on their level of expertise and experience, enabling users to practice their critical thinking and interviewing skills. This app will also provide recommendations that help users identify weaknesses to overcome.


GameChangers, the champion of KMS Hackathon 2018, believes that interviewing skills is highly essential to the youth, especially fresh graduates. The team expresses the idea that while a person might have a good knowledge base and competences, they may still lack interview skillsets which probably cause them to miss potential opportunities; therefore, increasing the risk of unemployment. The team’s performance was highly appreciated by the judges for their ability to complete the concept in such a short time, the applicability of the product and its potential for a long-term investment in the future.


VIRTUAL JOB CONSULTATION APP WINS 1st PLACE IN KMS HACKATHON 2018 PROGRAMING COMPETITION 2nd place was awarded to team ‘Infection’, with a job search and career orientating website for students and blue-collar workers. The remaining awards went to teams inventing a job-seeking app for common labors and an emotion detection and analyzing system that help to forecast workplace pressure and turnover.


According to Mr. Dai Tran – Managing Director of KMS Technology Vietnam: “Community development is one of the company’s core business value; therefore, ‘social impacts’ was chosen for the theme of the very first KMS Hackathon this year. By hosting this contest, KMS is striving to develop the tech-talent community by creating a playground for them to meet, discover and grow; Together, they can create meaningful impacts on the society.”


KMS Hackathon 2018 is a 30-hour programming competition for young people who are passionate in technology and in creating useful products that help to solve social problems and make life easier. The competition attracted more than 500 participants from various tech companies, start-up groups and university students across the city. After 30 hours of intensive coding on the spot, the teams presented their products directly to the Board of Judges, comprised of technology director, PhDs in IT and industry experts, to win the total prize of $ 10,000.


This is the first-ever year that KMS Technology has hosted the competition; and, it’s promising to have more expansion plans in the coming years, aiming to continue bringing a practical and creative playground for young talents that are passionate with IT and software development.

KMS Gives Golfs for Ronald McDonald House of Atlanta


On Monday, May 9th, KMS Gives team members participated in the 22nd Annual Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities Golf Classic at Golf Club of Georgia. Each year, RMHC hosts the Golf Classic to raise money for their mission of providing a “home away from home” for families of sick and injured children in the Atlanta area.

Since 1979, the houses have been called “home” by more than 46,000 families with children receiving medical care in the Atlanta area. The Ronald McDonald Houses are built on the simple idea that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on the health of their child – not where they can afford to stay, where they will get their next meal, or where they will lay their head at night to rest. The House reduces stress and financial burden, but also provides peace of mind to be close by their child.

KMS has frequently participated in the Golf Classic as a sponsor and this year sent three team members as part of our KMS Gives Pledge 1% Program. Pledge 1% is a corporate philanthropy movement where businesses pledge 1% of product, 1% of equity, and 1% of employee time to improve communities around the world. KMS Gives is honored to be a sponsor of Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities where $180,000 was raised to provide services to families.