Great Expectations: 47% of Consumers Want a Web Page to Load in Two Seconds or Less


Got a sec? Not if you’re a mobile app.

With an ever growing market of mobile applications, user expectations for apps are at all time high right now. Apps are required to perform at very fast speed with high quality in order for the user to keep using those apps. The three main types of application that get used most frequently are e-commerce apps, social media apps, and gaming apps. No surprise there.

Today, the majority of mobile users have used their phones or tablet to purchase something online. The demographic for retail shopping is quite large, with an age group of 18-54. In this demographic, the user is most concerned with load times. Every second counts, and the longer a page takes to load, the more likely the user will abandon the page. For retailers, this leads to lost sales and higher abandoned cart percentages. Data on how the performance of a shopping application affects shopper’s behavior is fascinating.

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