KMS Expert Speaks About Software Testing at BugdeBug Conference in Chennai, India


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Vu Nguyen, KMS Director of Software Engineering, delivered a talk of “qSize Analysis: An Approach for Estimating Software Testing Size and Effort” at The BugdeBug Conference on March 24-25, 2012 in Chennai, India. The conference attracted over 250 testers, decision makers, and promoters in the software testing community from India, Vietnam, and the United States. It featured inspiring speakers who are champions and promoters of practices and principles in software testing.

The talk was well received by an audience of over 250 people in the software testing community in India and beyond. Quality Assurance Management is an essential component of the software development lifecycle. To ensure quality, applicability, and usefulness of a product, development teams must spend considerable time and resources testing, which makes the estimation of the software testing effort, a critical activity. In this talk, Mr. Nguyen presented an approach, namely qSize Analysis, to estimate the size of software testing work. The approach measures the size of a software test case based on its checkpoints, preconditions and test data, as well as the type of testing. Mr. Nguyen also introduced a supporting toolkit that you can use to estimate testing effort quickly for your projects.

“BugdeBug was a great event and it was my pleasure to give a talk here. This talk, plus the keynote speech, given by Uy Tran, KMS Director of Product Development, strengthens our commitment to promote our expertise and experience to the software testing community around the world. In addition, as one of two platinum sponsors, we are proud to support the community to promote its causes,” said Vu Nguyen, Director of Software Engineering at KMS Technology.

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