KMS Technology Opens the 4th Office in Vietnam, Expecting an Increase to 1200 Employees


KMS Vietnam Team - New Office Grand OpeningHo Chi Minh City, April 4th, 2018 – KMS Technology, a leading company of software outsourcing & testing services, with more than 850 engineers, is pleased to announce the opening of its fourth office building in Tan Vien, Tan Binh District of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With this new office, KMS Technology is expecting to grow to 1200 employees in 2018. On the joy of this occasion, they will also sponsor 200 million VND to selected NGOs as sponsorships to foster Informational Technology Development programs for students in the highlands of Vietnam, as part of the company’s mission to give back to its community.

3000m2 (32,291 ft2) expanding to serve 650 more employees

This is the fourth office for KMS Technology. The building is located at number 02 Tan Vien Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, with the working space innovatively designed and furnished with state-ofthe- art computers and equipment that would satisfy the most demanding world-class clients. Through this opening, KMS is continuing to ensure the development path for its employees in all aspects, as part of the company’s people centric philosophy.

On the 22nd of March, 2018, Anphabe, Vietnam’s top network for professionals, and market research agency InTage announced the results for the “100 best places to work in Vietnam” survey. KMS Technology humbly came in 4th in the IT category, and at 26th on the overall list of 100 companies, landing among IBM Vietnam, FPT Software, Microsoft Vietnam, and other top companies. KMS also received the “Top 5 Organizations Ready for Future Award” of the survey. These are positive affirmation for KMS for future sustainable development as a leading technological software development provider in Vietnam.


200 million VND sponsorship to support IT training for students in the highlands of Vietnam

With this opening, KMS Technology is delighted to sign a partnership contract with Passerelles Numériques, a French NGO operating in Cambodia, the Philippines, and Vietnam with a mission to enable young underprivileged people to build their employability through education in the new and emerging industrial industry, to sponsor not only in upgrading the learning facility but also taking part in teaching both current and prospective students studying at Passerelles Numériques’s center with the most up-to-date knowledge in the IT industry, allowing them a fair, and even better chance for employment in the future.

KMS also offers internships in Ho Chi Minh City for the youth in the highland areas as learning incentives. This is also the opportunity for the outstanding few to apply theories into real life implications and accumulate hands-on experiences that will be beneficial for their future employability. The amount of donation totals up to 200 million VND.


IT Industry to receive favorable future prospects in 2018

According to information from Vietnamworks, the number of job postings in the IT industry has risen by one and a half in the past 3 months. Statistical data from 2017 showed that there was a total of 14,997 jobs in the software and hardware development segment alone, with Ho Chi Minh City continuing as the biggest tech-hub in all of Vietnam, contributing 53% of the total job availability. “We will focus on our value for continuous people development, reaching to the estimated number of 1200 more new hires this year. This is an exciting news not only for KMS Technology, but also for the Information Technology labor force of Vietnam. This year, KMS Technology will put additional focus on both our current engineers and the future workers of the IT industry. We will take part in technology development programs across the country, while also hosting various educational events of our own, as well as partner with universities and offer scholarships and donations to academic institutions and NGOs to help students in disadvantaged areas of Vietnam gain access to the digital industry that would benefit them in future job seeking”said Mr. Tran Trong Dai, President of KMS Technology Vietnam.

Ms. Le Thi Phuong, Recruitment Manager at KMS Technology shared “KMS is proud to be among the best places to work in Vietnam in 2018. This is an encouraging award and significant milestone for all of us at KMS Technology. It is also our perk to attract and retain talent in this competitive state of the IT Vietnamese labor market.”

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