3 Signs It’s Time to Invest in Software Development Consulting

Demand for software development consulting has never been higher. The market consulting firm Research and Markets forecasts that the global software consulting market will grow by an average of 12 percent in the next few years, reaching $459 billion in 2027.

When applied in the right ways, the skills of a software consulting firm can be an invaluable asset for any company. Organizations can leverage software consulting to streamline their business processes and stay competitive in a crowded marketplace.

Are you considering software development consulting for your business? This article will tell you everything you need to know: from the definition of ”software engineering consulting” to the biggest indications that you could benefit from using a software consulting firm.

What Is Software Engineering Consulting?

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Software engineering consulting is a form of consultation that provides assistance to organizations via software application development projects. This entails expert advice from software developer consultants (also variously called software engineers or software consultants), who use their knowledge and skill sets to help businesses achieve their technology goals.

With software engineering consulting services, companies receive tips and strategies on how to enact their visions for software development or product development. Organizations that lack the right in-house expertise can get an expert opinion from unbiased outsiders with years of experience in the software development process (and often in a particular industry).

Many different kinds of IT experts may be part of a software development consulting services team. While one developer writes code, for example, other team members may work on testing and quality assurance. Depending on the arrangement, software engineering consulting may also include ongoing support and maintenance for the final developed solution.

While the terms “software consulting” and “software outsourcing” are often used synonymously, it’s important to note that they aren’t quite the same thing:

  • Software consulting focuses on high-level strategic advice for modifying an organization’s existing IT environment to achieve business goals. It may include guidance on how to lower costs, improve efficiencies, and automate a business process, along with other optimization tips.

  • Software outsourcing focuses on providing concrete software development work in service of these high-level strategies. This involves enlisting the help of various IT specialists: front-end, back-end, and full-stack web developers; software developers; UI and UX designers; DevOps engineers; project managers; testers and others.

However, many software consulting firms provide software development services as well, lending to the term “software development consulting.” This is because the two are intimately linked: A successful software development project makes it much more likely that the client will achieve its higher-level IT and business objectives.

Top Benefits of Software Engineering Consulting

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Employing software development consulting services has major advantages for companies of all sizes and industries. Below, we go over four of the most important benefits of using software engineering consulting services.

Alignment on important goals and strategies

Unclear business objectives and lack of buy-in from key stakeholders are two main reasons why so many software development projects fail. Without the entire company acting cohesively, it will be an uphill battle to accomplish anything substantial. 

Enlisting the help of software consulting services can help organizations get themselves into gear. A software consulting partner will interact with managers and executives across the enterprise, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Identifying risks and opportunities

Companies often fall prey to gaps, pitfalls, and blind spots they failed to notice before it was too late. Just as painful are any missed opportunities the business failed to capitalize on—or that a competitor had already identified and exploited.

Software consulting firms provide an objective, an external look at an organization’s current situation, and can offer advice based on their years of experience with previous clients. In effect, software consulting will help you understand where you have gaps, the risks associated with your specific business model, and the greatest ways to take advantage of software development opportunities.

Suggestions for digital transformation

“Digital transformation” is the buzzword on everyone’s lips right now, as organizations look to improve themselves through digital technologies. According to a global research study by IFS, 52 percent of companies plan to increase their spending on digital transformation initiatives.

The best software development consulting firms can make suggestions on how to enact digital transformation via new and emerging technologies. For example, there may be areas of your business that could benefit from AI and machine learning, or perhaps you could implement platform modernization by migrating to the Cloud.

Recommendations on tools and methodologies

Last but not least, a software consulting firm can act as a true partner throughout the course of your development project, providing highly useful guidance for making it a success.

Software consultants can help with everything from roadmaps and strategic planning to long-term support and maintenance after the project is complete. They can also offer advice on implementing the right tools (for example, automation testing) and methodologies for an effective go-to-market launch.

3 Signs It’s Time to Invest in Software Development Consulting

Mobile Application Designers Test and Discuss New App Features.

On the fence about whether software development consulting is worth it? In this section, we discuss just a few scenarios for which software engineering consulting services are an excellent idea.

1. You have a great product idea, but aren’t sure where to start.

Many businesses—from tiny startups to large corporations outside the technology field—have brainstormed a brilliant idea for a new product or service. There’s just one problem: They lack the necessary technical expertise to pull it off in-house.

In this situation, using software development consulting services is a natural choice. An external software consulting firm can take your vision and help get it off the ground, turning ideas into reality. For example, software consultants can show you how to build an MVP (minimum viable product) and offer guidance on which tools and resources you need.

2. You don’t have the right in-house engineering team.

Some companies just need the help of a software consulting team for their next product launch, while others need assistance on an ongoing basis. Your internal teams may not have the knowledge or experience necessary to start a software development project in-house. Or maybe you do have the right experts on staff, but they currently have other tasks on their plate.

Whether it’s an issue of bandwidth or niche skill sets, using software engineering consulting services can help kickstart your next project. Software consultants can offer suggestions on what you’ll need to get started, and they can even help with outsourcing software development.

3. You can’t keep up with market forces or customer demand.

Even if you have the right IT experts in-house, they may not be enough to help you stay afloat in a highly competitive industry. For instance, your competitors may be constantly beating you to the punch by releasing new products and applications before you do. You might also hear customer feedback demanding a particular feature or functionality, but you’re too swamped to implement it yourself.

Here, software engineering consulting services can be of massive help. Companies like KMS Technology can help you brainstorm strategies and figure out what essentials are needed to get to market faster and start bringing in more revenue.

KMS Technology: Your Go-To Software Engineering Partner

As discussed above, there are many advantages of using software development services. There’s just one question left: Once you recognize that you need software development consulting, which software consulting company should you work with?

There are many providers of software development consulting services, each with its own unique proposition. If you’re looking for a trusted software engineering partner with years of expertise, it’s an excellent idea to join forces with KMS Technology.

KMS Technology is a global market leader in software development, testing services, and technology consulting. We provide a wide range of software development services to fit our clients’ needs—everything from software engineering and testing to mobile apps, DevOps, and artificial intelligence.

Here’s what you can expect from the KMS team when you use our software engineering consulting services:

  1. We’ll set up a kick-off meeting with your organization’s managers, executives, and key stakeholders.

  2. At this meeting, we’ll evaluate your current business model and vision (for both the short term and the long term); technology stack; and any market gaps or opportunities.

  3. Together, we’ll discuss your software project, refine it if necessary, and come up with a roadmap and timeline to make it a reality.

  4. Finally, we’ll provide guidance on the next steps for implementing a software development plan, testing strategy, etc.

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