4 Benefits of Application Transformation Consulting

Many businesses rely on applications that software companies no longer support or haven’t updated in a while. Then there are those technologies that use legacy code or can’t migrate to the cloud. While these apps once served a purpose, they now hold organizations back, preventing them from carrying out business-critical tasks. 

Application transformation can provide a solution to these problems. It’s all about modernizing apps so businesses can stay relevant and maintain their competitive edge. 

This guide teaches about application transformation and the four benefits of working with a consultant. 

What Is Application Transformation?

Application transformation (also known as platform modernization or legacy modernization) simply means updating or ‘modernizing’ legacy apps to meet the demands of the modern-day business that uses them. It allows an organization to remain flexible in a rapidly changing technology environment. 

Say a business has a legacy app that still proves value but doesn’t save data in the cloud. Modernizing that app by making it ‘cloud-functional’ can improve data security for the organization. Now the business gets more value from the same app they’ve relied on for years. 

App modernization can involve various technologies and techniques. It might include updating an app’s programming language, cloud transformations, cloud infrastructure, using technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), or adding or removing app features. Or it might involve building an effective API strategy, adopting a data-first mindset, reducing or expanding an application portfolio, or, in some cases, closing down legacy applications services for good. 

Why Businesses Choose to Modernize Applications

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Here are some of the reasons why an organization might invest in application transformation:

Maintain a Competitive Edge

Organizations can stay up-to-date with the latest technologies when modernizing legacy apps, which gives them a competitive edge in their respective industries. 

Increase End-User Satisfaction

Modernization can make it easier to use or generate value from a particular application. That increases satisfaction for the app’s end users and helps an organization fulfill current user expectations and improve the customer experience. 

Less Reliance on Antiquated Systems

Legacy apps can make it difficult to integrate big data between systems, prevent scalability, increase operational costs, and create the need for more in-house maintenance. By modernizing apps, organizations become less reliant on legacy systems that no longer provide value.   


App transformation almost always involves modernizing current business applications, which can work out to be more cost-effective than investing in brand new apps and technologies.

KMS surveyed over 150 industry leaders in the independent software vendor sector about application transformation. Gaining a competitive advantage was the key driving factor of modernization, followed by minimizing maintenance costs, improving customer usage, and technology limitations. 

What are the Benefits of Application Transformation Consulting?

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We always recommend organizations consult with a professional before modernizing apps. That’s because a reputable consultant like KMS Technology can increase the likelihood of application transformation success. 

Here are some of the benefits of working with a consultant:

1. Identify Organizational Readiness and Risks

A consultant can assess whether an organization is prepared for application transformation. (For example, does the organization have enough internal bandwidth to undergo modernization?) Additionally, the consultant can identify any current risks that are the result of legacy applications, such as the short-term and long-term challenges an organization will face if it doesn’t update its systems. Ultimately, a consultant can help an organization prepare operationally for application transformation and shift their business priorities if required. 

2. Explore New Digital Technologies

A consultant like KMS Technology offers organizations new insights into their current tech stack and explains the benefits of modernizing critical applications using emerging technologies. For example, a consultant might outline the advantages of integrating a legacy app with cloud services or updating a system with machine learning functionality. 

3. Learn How to Reduce Technical Debt

A specialized technology consulting firm can outline the cost savings of an application transformation project and help an organization reduce its technical debt. The best consultants analyze an organization’s current tech budget (the money it spends on maintenance, hosting servers, engineers, and other outlays) and help it leverage technologies such as automation and modern systems to reduce costs. 

4. Build Confidence in Products and Systems

Consulting experts can discover potential opportunities for application transformation that optimize value in an organization’s systems. By working with one of these professionals, companies can develop a strategic application development plan that optimizes product performance. That helps managers and end-users become more confident in the products they use to execute day-to-day tasks. 

In KMS’ survey, 68% of leaders cited ‘retention and market expansion’ as a benefit to application transformation, while 57% mentioned ‘lower costs and improved efficiency.’ 

Are you ready to undergo application transformation? KMS Technology is a leader in digital transformation that provides world-class consulting services that modernize existing applications.

Why Choose KMS Technology for Application Transformation?

KMS Technology is a global leader in digital development that specializes in application transformation consulting. Here are some of the reasons why you should work with us:

  • Our consultants can guide you on improvements for existing legacy software applications.
  • We’ll help you understand code reviews and other complicated aspects of application modernization.
  • Let us uncover high-risk areas that could jeopardize business productivity and fill in the gaps with modernization.
  • Our tailored cloud-based strategies help you achieve your specific business outcomes.
  • We’ll help you streamline internal processes, minimize system incompatibility, and reduce operational time and costs. 

We’ve helped many businesses modernize their systems. One of our clients generated more informed data insights, made better decisions, and provided more relevant interactions and experiences to end-users after updating a legacy system with SaaS and ML (natural language processing).

Start Your Digital Transformation Journey

Application transformation helps organizations stay relevant by modernizing their existing technologies. Working with a consultant when modernizing apps can bring these organizations even greater value and help them identify risk factors, save money, explore new technologies, create cloud-native applications, and make application transformation a success. 

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