Advantages and Benefits of Generative AI Consulting

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Generative AI is a rapidly-changing, ever-evolving technology that’s taken software development by storm. Many companies are experimenting with AI tools like ChatGPT across departments, from software coding to content creation and more.

The use cases are overwhelming, and there are few finalized success stories to reference. In fact, these success stories are being formed in the present day, and organizations that wait to take advantage of generative AI will likely be left behind. In other words, companies cannot afford to take a reactive approach, even given the uncertainty of this new technology, its limitations, and the regulations that may come into play.

Organizations should consider a generative AI consulting partner to help them act quickly while reducing risk and offloading the heavy lifting involved in implementation and adoption.

In this article, we’ll dive into the advantages of generative AI consulting in more detail. Here’s how generative AI consulting services can help with:

AI Roadmapping for Generative AI Consulting

1. AI Roadmapping

One of the most critical considerations for generative AI is ensuring that it fits into your overall business goals.

While generative AI can greatly improve productivity and code quality, it can lack the domain knowledge and transparency required for effective outputs. Your business, industry, and software architecture all convalesce into unique needs; generative AI (as of right now) may not have sufficient training data to meet them.

Generative AI consultants can bridge the gap.

Consultants can develop an AI roadmap that outlines:

  • Department-Specific Use Cases – Working with departmental stakeholders, consultants can identify use cases where AI can improve business processes such as: identifying opportunities to automate routine tasks, optimize workflows, or improve customer experiences.
  • Business Value/ROI – Consultants can help companies understand the potential business value and ROI of implementing AI technologies. This can include identifying areas where AI can reduce costs and increase revenue.
  • Competitive Analysis – With an objective, fresh perspective, consultants can help you leverage generative AI as a differentiator.
  • Feasibility – Before implementation, consultants can help companies navigate technical, organizational, or regulatory barriers
  • Prioritization – With so many potential use cases, generative AI consultants can help companies focus their resources on initiatives that are most likely to deliver the greatest ROI.
  • Costs – Hardware, software, and personnel costs must be factored into your plan
  • Implementation Details – Consultants can provide guidance on the technical and organizational details of implementing AI technologies, including identifying the best tools, ensuring alignment, proactively removing hurdles, and providing training and support to ensure that the technology is implemented effectively.

2. Developing a Governance Framework

Developing a governance framework is essential to ensure responsible and effective use of AI technologies.

A generative AI consultant can act as a third party, providing an objective view on best practices to ensure the security and integrity of your data.

Generative AI consultants can produce:

  • Methods for leadership decision-making – The governance framework should establish clear decision-making roles and responsibilities, along with processes for making decisions related to AI. This can include creating a decision-making committee or board, establishing clear criteria, and ensuring that all stakeholders are represented in the decision-making process.
  • Policy templates – Policies can cover a range of issues, including data privacy, bias and fairness, transparency, and accountability. The governance framework should provide guidance on policy development, implementation, and enforcement.
  • Risk management – Governance should include risk assessments, risk monitoring, and risk mitigation strategies. The plan should also include procedures for addressing potential risks, such as data breaches or privacy violations, as well as IP protection and data security.
  • Change management – Training and development programs for staff, communication plans to keep stakeholders informed of changes, considerations on cultural impact, and support services to drive adoption are critical to effective organizational transformation.

Internal Training Consulting Services

3. Building Internal Generative AI Capabilities

To take advantage of generative AI, your company will likely need to develop materials that guide the use of this technology.

Specifically, consultants can use their expertise to help create:

  • Leadership AI Playbook – This playbook should outline the organization’s AI strategy, including its goals and objectives for implementing AI. It should also provide guidance on decision-making related to AI, risk management, and ethical considerations. The playbook should be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it remains relevant.
  • Staff Education & Training Plan – This plan should identify the key areas of knowledge and skills that staff members will need to effectively use generative AI. This can include when and how to use AI tools, how to engineer prompts, and how to verify outputs. Each department will require specific training in generative AI tools, with guidelines on data and IP security.
  • Staff Hiring Playbook – When organizations lean into AI transformation, they must consider which generative AI skills they’ll need to hire for. Whether generative AI becomes a baseline requirement, or whether you need specific AI skill sets to fill an existing gap, understanding the current talent landscape and AI market is essential.

With generative AI consulting services, software companies can reduce the heavy lifting of implementation and instead focus on reaping the rewards.

When applied correctly to the right use cases, generative AI can free up time for more creative, human-centric work. New features, better UI, optimized code, custom user experiences, and more become unlocked when generative AI automates and speeds up software development.

Generative AI consulting services can help you get better products to market faster, while ensuring data security, internal consistency, and future-proof approaches to a technology that moves at light speed.

KMS for Generative AI Consulting

As early adopters of AI, KMS has long been at the forefront of emerging technologies, cutting through the hype to find practical applications that generate real business value.

Generative AI is a paradigm shift, and our team is leveraging the tried-and-true methods of successfully adopting disruptive tech, while rapidly adapting to a new world. We’re in the weeds with you, with decades of experience in using, implementing, and building internal systems.

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