3 Testing Trends Affirmed at Quality Jam Atlanta 2018

Quality Jam Atlanta 2018 came and went, and our team at KMS Technology was very excited to be a sponsor. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth!


After speaking to several conference attendees, we noticed many similarities between teams and companies of all sizes. These trends are becoming more prominent as digital transformation, along with a need for better understanding of consumer behavior, revolutionizes our industry at an alarming pace.

Shift Left Testing  

One of the common goals we saw with Quality Jam attendees was transformation with competitive pressure to move fast while NOT leaving testing behind. Testing needs to be embraced as a core part of this transformation. We at KMS Technology believe that testing will become more technical and show up earlier and more frequently in the development cycle. When you test earlier while you’re developing, testers can receive earlier feedback on quality concerns that matter and will ultimately lead to the success of the project.

Quality Jam 2018Test Automation & Analytics

We spoke to a lot of people with small QA teams, even some teams of one, looking for ways to combine quality with speed. Test automation enables a tester’s job to be more value-centric, by letting automation handle the mundane, repeatable tasks. Analytics to give more insight into test run results and application code observed. The challenge lies in finding a tool that can do it all, is easy to use and can fit within budget.

Mobile Testing

With an increased use of mobile applications, testing along varying devices under the pressure of quick releases presents additional challenges. According to a recent survey, testing mobile apps is taking up more time and resources than ever.

Testing is no doubt an important part of Agile teams, and these challenges aren’t going to go away any time soon unless companies move forward and adopt a testing friendly state of mind.

Here at KMS, our vision is to build confidence in delivered software by testing earlier, faster, and often, with an effective combination of business-assured scenarios and automation tools. 


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