Remote Medical Examination System Applying AI Wins First Place in “DUT Hackathon 2023” Sponsored by KMS Technology

Da Nang, February 24, 2024 – The “DUT Hackathon 2023” competition, themed “Tech in Real Life” and sponsored by KMS Technology, has concluded its final round, with the team “Faster” (from the Da Nang University of Science and Technology) and their product, a Remote Healthcare System utilizing AI and RPPG integration, becoming the final champion.

DUT Hackathon is a technology playground organized by the Faculty of Information Technology – Danang University of Science and Technology. It aimed to connect IT students in the Central and Highlands region and nurture technological ideas.

January 2024 marked the 15th anniversary of KMS Technology, a software development services company with over 1,500 members, headquartered in the United States, with development centers in Vietnam and Mexico, proudly accompanying the competition as the exclusive sponsor.

Taking place from December 01, 2023, to February 29, 2024, under the theme “Tech in Real Life,” the event attracted nearly 120 students from over 11 universities and high schools. Not only limited to attractive prizes, with a total value of up to 34 million VND, but the participating teams also received direct guidance from experienced mentors from technology companies in the Central.

“DUT Hackathon 2023” has brought together diverse technological ideas, addressing urgent and practical societal issues in various fields such as environment, healthcare, education, social welfare, etc. Participating teams went through three rounds of competition. In the Ideation round, teams were guided on writing ideas, presenting them, and understanding technology. Ten promising teams with potential products were connected and supported by the mentor team, continuing to compete in the Product Development round. In the final round, teams had the opportunity to present their projects and engage in debates. The winning team was evaluated based on criteria including Creativity, Idea, Feasibility in practice, Technological Application, Completion, and Presentation Skills.

Through an exciting and dramatic final round, the winning project belonged to the “Faster” team (from Da Nang University of Science and Technology) with their topic of a Remote Medical Examination System integrated with RPPG for Physiological Feature Extraction. This was evaluated as a high-potential and practical topic for the healthcare industry, helping to reduce waiting time for medical visits and associated risks due to patient overload.

DUT Hackathon 2023
                                                          The team “Faster” receives the award at the DUT Hackathon final round.

Furthermore, the DUT Hackathon also provided a platform for teams to offer innovative solutions for other aspects of life. Team 1954 ( from Da Nang University of Science and Technology) won second prize with their topic DaiViet – a platform supporting historical research integrated with DaiVietGPT – a Chatbot answering historical inquiries based on large language models. The topic “Automated Quiz From Online Tutorials Videos” by the BrainyBuddy team (from FPT University) won third prize, and 02 encouragement awards went to the ElectraTech team (FPT University) and the THAM team (from FPT University and Da Nang University of Science and Technology) with the idea of electrical and smart home management systems.

Representing the competition’s organizing committee – The Faculty of Information Technology – Da Nang University of Science and Technology, Dr. Huynh Phuong Nam – Vice-Chancellor of the University, shared, “DUT Hackathon 2023 is an opportunity for students in technology and engineering to unleash their creativity, grasp the direction of current development trends amidst the fourth industrial revolution.”

As an exclusive sponsor throughout the competition, Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu – General Manager of KMS Da Nang, shared, “Supporting programs like DUT Hackathon is always part of the company’s development orientation, contributing to meaningful technological ideas and solutions for practical life. I hope that the young participants in the competition not only update and apply advanced technologies from around the world but also find fellow companions, share the same direction in the IT field, and expand connections and exchange experiences with mentors.”

DUT Hackathon 2023
                              Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, representing KMS Technology, delivers a speech at the DUT Hackathon final round.

Throughout its 15 years of establishment and development, KMS has continuously affirmed its reputation for outstanding quality of software services trusted by users globally, as well as for the positive impacts the company brings to the community. Following the success of “DUT Hackathon 2023”, KMS will continue to maintain and expand activities nurturing the younger generation, and contributing to future IT community development.

DUT Hackathon 2023
The DUT Hackathon competition final successfully took place, laying the groundwork for many innovative technology ideas in the future.

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